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Let's Celebrate with a Friday Freebie!!!

Do you feel like celebrating?  I do.  I want to celebrate my more than 10,000 page views (not bad for my first two months).  I want to celebrate that I'm so incredibly close to 150 followers (welcome, new followers).  I want to celebrate that I was nominated for a "Really Good Classroom Blog Award" (thank-you!).  I want to celebrate I finished my report cards, and the graduation slideshow (yay!!!).  But most of all I want to celebrate that it's my last Friday of the school year ... just four more days to go.

Let's celebrate with a Friday Freebie.  For the next 24 hours my Book Talk resource will be FREE at my TpT store.  My students presented their final book talks of the year this week, and they were fantastic!  For their final book talks, I have them use their favourite book from the year.  This way my students always leave my classroom full of ideas for books to read over the summer.  Click here to get the link.

If you're not already a follower, please become one.  I'd LOVE to hit 150 followers this week - I have a GREAT resource I want to share with you when I get there.  And, if you like my Book Talk resource, ratings are always welcome and appreciated!

Enjoy!  Happy Weekend!


  1. I just noticed in my copy of this that in the cliffhanger part it has a typo - says you instead of your. Is there a way to get a corrected copy of this??

  2. Thanks for catching that, Monica! I've fixed the file and uploaded again at my Tpt store. See my newest blog post (just posted a few minutes ago) for all the details.


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