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Festive Friday Freebies

Hello.  My name is Jen, and I have a problem.  I'm addicted to Christmas.  Well, to be completely honest, I'm addicted to buying and giving Christmas presents.  Maybe I shouldn't show this ...
This is Christmas at my house ... and this is just my family.  Not gifts from the grandparents, or aunts and uncles, ... just us.  It's not my fault - really, it's not.  I blame it on my three little girls who give the BEST reactions to ALL presents - so it's totally their fault ... really.

Anyhow, my little addiction is good news for you!  It's officially Christmas in July on TBA, and have I got some Festive Friday Freebies for you!!!  Download ... enjoy ... and dream about Christmas.  All is ask is that you become a follower if you are not already one.  (And I always welcome ratings on my products - 'tis the season for giving).  Be sure to download right away, though.  These products will only be free until Saturday at midnight.

My first product is my Christmas Writing Prompts.  This Christmas Activity pack contains writing prompts and Christmas stationery for 8 different forms of writing. Forms of writing include: persuasive letter writing, procedure writing, journal writing, narrative writing, biographical writing, informational writing, newspaper article writing, and thank-you letter writing.  These writing prompts can be used as a centers activity during your writer's workshop, assigned as a summative writing activity, or as a free-choice free writing activity.  Completed writing activities can be posted to create a beautiful Christmas bulletin board.

My second product is Christmas Mad Libs on the SMARTboard.  OH.MY.GOODNESS - my students LOOOOVE this one!!!  This fun seasonal notebook file for your SMARTboard features mad libs for 5 different popular Christmas songs:  Jingle Bells, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, Jingle Bell Rock, and We Wish You a Merry Christmas. The file also contains a teacher instruction page. This activity is a creative and entertaining way to practice parts of speech in an interactive way.

Merry Christmas!!!  And Happy Friday!


  1. You're welcome! A BIG thank-you to you for your amazing offer!

  2. I knew I liked you! My house at Christmas looks a lot like yours. :)

    Thanks for the freebies!


  3. Your Christmas pic cracks me up! That is so me and my house. I think it comes from growing up in a family where Christmas was the biggest day of the year. My mother tells me that when she was a girl they got everything, including socks and underwear for Christmas, but they got nothing else all year. If I had it to start over again, I would definitely have a smaller Christmas. Once you start big, it's hard to go back! I have teens now, and a little haul cost a lot of money! LOL!


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