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Friday Freebie!

OK - this will be a quick post today - I'm prepping for my oldest daughter's birthday party tomorrow.  She's 8!  We're having "A Magical Day" in the backyard ... one of these days I'm going to get smarter and have her party somewhere where everything's taken care of for us, but for now I'm still having too much fun with the theme parties.

So, today's Friday Freebie is for math.  This is my Solving Word Problems poster set and graphic organizer.  I have these posters laminated over my math bulletin board.  My math bulletin board is titled, "We've got problems ... Solved!"  The kids always get a kick out of that.  I spend a lot of time modelling how to solve problems step by step, and the graphic organizer really helps the students with this.  Click on the picture to download your own copy.

Enjoy and Happy Friday!!!
(It's back to cleaning for me ... )


  1. Jen~

    These posters are GREAT!! I really love the graphic organizer students can use while solving the problems - goes so great with the posters!


  2. Thanks, Michelle! My students find them helpful - I keep a stack of the graphic organizers hanging off the wall (I have magnetic walls), for the kids to use as they need them when working independently.

  3. Love these! Thanks so much for the freebie!

  4. Thanks so much for this awesome download! Greart math thinking!

  5. I absolutely love the graphic organizer!! Thanks for the freebies! Hope your daughter has an awesome birthday!!! :)


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