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Study Ladder

I found another new site last night that intrigued me - well, it may not be new to you, but it was to me (I'm always the last one to find out about these things).  Study Ladder is an organized online learning center.  They have lessons in 10 different subjects (but specialize in literacy and math), from grades pre-K to grade 7.  And best of all ... it's FREE to teachers.  I set up an account last night, and was pleased to find out you can have an unlimited number of classes.  So, I set up a class for my daughters and plan to start exploring the site with them further this summer.  So far, I'm intrigued.  I think it could be a great tool in the classroom, and students can access the site from home, so it would be very helpful for students who need a little extra reinforcement.  Does anybody else use this program?  What do you think of it?

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Happy Saturday!!!


  1. This is awesome! My 4 year old just played with it for 20 min. and is begging me to play more! Thank you for posting this! Obviously you are not the last to hear of things:)

  2. I didn't sign up just looked around. How is it leveled? I noticed colors and looked at some of the printables. Is this perscribed by the teacher(you assign what they work on inside the program) or they just get on and work where they want to?

  3. Thanks for sharing. It is always nice to find out which resources other teachers think are good because there is so much out there.
    I'm going to hop onto it right now.

  4. Thanks, ladies. Two of my daughters have finished a few lessons, and they both really enjoyed it! Tina - the teacher can go on and choose the first lesson, and then the students continue from there. It looks like they can do three lessons a day.


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