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100% Me! A Friday Freebie!

It's Freebie Friday!  Today's freebie is an activity I adapted from Sara Holbrook's Practical Poetry.  I LOVE using Sara Holbrook's poetry in my class.  The emotions really resonate with my students.  They learn that it's OK to talk write about feeling angry, or scared, or insecure.  They are comforted by the fact that others DO feel like that sometimes, too.
Today's freebie is a GREAT back-to-school activity.  I used it in my class on the first day of school last year.  I orginally made this lesson for my SMARTboard, but I copied the slides and made it into a PDF for you.  Because the original slides were in color (and I couldn't remove the background when I copied the slides), some of the instruction sheets would work best displayed on the ELMO or document camera.  I'm not sure how well they will photocopy.  This activity can be done at any time during the school year, but I like it at the beginning for a variety of reasons:

  • the students are giving you valuable information about their likes, dislikes, hobbies
  • the teacher can get a sneak peek of students' writing and math abilities
  • the finished products make a FANTASTIC back-to-school bulletin board display.  
I even wrote my own 100% Me! poem to share with my students ... so here you go ...

100% Me!

10% kind,
4% hair,
6% demanding,
10% fair,
8% messy,
8% reader,
8% dramatic,
8% leader,
9% stressed-out mom,
1.3% creature,
7.7% student,
20% teacher,
It all adds up entirely,
to makes up 100% me!

Click here or on the picture beside the poem to download your own copy.  If you like it, ratings are always welcome. :)

Happy Friday!


  1. You're very welcome - thank-you, Christina!

  2. This is fabulous! I think it's a little above my lil 1st/2nd graders, but I totally would have used it when I taught 5/6! That's cool you teach a split class too... haven't 'met' many teachers with combined classes! :o)

    Mrs. Lopac Teaches...

  3. Love it! I may give it a go with my 3rd graders! Thanks for sharing.

    Lifelong Learning

  4. Jen-

    I absolutely love it and will use it next week with my 6th graders. I was going to have them write a bio poem, but I'll put that on hold for now. We have open house on Aug. 22nd-so it will work out perfectly!!! I'm changing my teaching structure,etc. this year so next week will be ONLY assessments, setting up binders/reading and writing notebooks/getting to know each other and the classroom. The real in depth academics will begin the following week. Thanks for your hard work! :)


  5. Jen- I see that you teach a 5/6 split. I just found out that I will be doing this. I wanted to e-mail you to pick your brain but I don't see an e-mail for you. If you don't mind, could you e-mail me? Thanks!!

  6. What a fun activity! The pages you created are really nice--and I love your poem!

  7. Very cool. I like the cross curricular idea. Is there a rubric available for grading this?

  8. Oh my goodness - I forgot to add the rubric. Check my newest post - I fixed it and gave a link to download the rubric. Sorry!!!

  9. Jen, we did the 1st part today. I. LOVED. IT. One class chose to do Jerry (mouse from Tom and Jerry) and the other class chose ICarly. They did a fantastic job with character traits on both of these. We're going to finish our own poems/pie graphs tomorrow and hang in hall for Open House on Monday. I will do this EVERY YEAR! :) Thanks so much!!!


  10. Thanks, Shannon! That's awesome to hear! I did it during the first days of school last year so I had them hanging for our Open House BBQ, too. And I'll be doing it again this year, too.


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