All of these resources are available at my TeachersPayTeachers store.  Click on the link to check it out ... I have over 190 products listed.  For all of these FREE products listed below, click on the name to download.  Enjoy!

SMARTboard Resources

Last Day of School Koosh Ball for the SMARTboard

Boggle for the SMARTboard

Spring Attendance for the SMARTboard

Yahtzee for the SMARTboard

Graduation-Themed Attendance for the SMARTboard

SMARTboard Magic 8-Ball Daily Physical Activities

Easter Sudoku for the SMARTboard

Multiplication Flashcards for the SMARTboard - Facts 0-5

Multiplication Flashcards for the SMARTboard - Facts 6-12

St. Patrick's Day Attendance for the SMARTboard

Easter Attendance for the SMARTboard

Mad Libs for the SMARTboard

Mapping Canada on the SMARTboard

Name That Note - Music on the SMARTboard

New Years Goal-Setting Koosh Ball for the SMARTboard

Science Lab Safety on the SMARTboard

Tangrams on the SMARTboard

Thanksgiving Koosh Ball Template

Valentine's Day Attendance for the SMARTboard

Back to School Koosh Ball Template

Language Resources

Building Words Using the Reading Comprehension Strategies

Monitoring Comprehension Bookmark

Can You Make A Paraprosdokian?

Reflections of a Reader at the End of the Year

The Sweetest Fig by Chris Van Allsburg - An Inferring Assessment

Halloween Writing Prompts

Percent Poetry:  It Adds Up Perfectly!

Math Resources

Factors and Multiples Quiz (With Answers)

Organizing Your Math Notebook

Skittle Skills

The Pumpkin Pack:  Pumpkin Pie Word Problem

Solving Word Problems

Christmas Themed Word Problems

Miscellaneous Resources

Canada Day Sudoku

Lights, Camera, Action! A Collection of Commercial Assignments

Easter Sudoku

Apple-Themed Bunting

Christmas Cootie Catchers

Whooooo's Reading a Good Book?  Bookmarks

Reading Makes Me Smile Bookmarks

If You Can Read This, Thank A Teacher Bookmarks

Readers are Leaders Bookmarks

Reading Is Thinking Bookmarks

Don't BUG me!  I'm Reading!  Bookmarks

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  1. Do these work on Activboards also?

    1. You can import Smart Board notebooks using Active Inspire - the software for your ActivBoard….

  2. Thank you so much for your SMART activities!!! What do you use for your daily attendance? What does your daily template look like?

  3. I love ALL of your SMART board activities-thanks!
    The Techie Teacher

  4. I SOOOO appreciate you sharing your resources and for FREE! You have done amazing work, and I am in awe! I just switched from primary to intermediate and haven't had time or found very many resources to pull from that are appropriate and engaging for upper grades. You are great!

  5. Can you use your smartboard activities with an e-beam?


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