31 March 2013

Currently: April

I am SO excited I'm finally linking up to Oh' Boy 4th Grade for another Currently linky ... and even more excited I'm a day early!!!  That NEVER happens in my life of forever procrastination.  Here goes ...

Listening to ... there's quite the storm going on outside.  Bit of rain and bit of snow mixed in.  Desperately wishing the wind would blow away ALL this snow ... I think it just may be MAY before it's all melted this year.  SO sad it's the season finale of The Walking Dead tonight - it's one of the few shows that my husband and I actually enjoy watching together ... I have no idea WHY I like the show as much as I do - never thought I would get wrapped up in a zombie show, but I am HOOKED.

Loving ... my Easter Weekend.  Can't beat 4 days home with my family.  We had a lovely dinner at my parents' house last night and had a great time with the whole Easter Bunny thing this morning.  LOVE my life.

Thinking ... about laundry???  Yikes ... moving on.

Wanting ... to squeeze in a few more moments of fun tomorrow (maybe the laundry will have to wait another day).  We've been playing all the old classics together lately.  Just in the past week we've had a few games of Monopoly, Life, Scrabble, Jenga ... LOVING it.  (And the teacher mom in me makes the girls add up their own scores and count their own money).  Favourite line from today:  my oldest spelled "reef" in scrabble.  When my middle asked what a reef was, my youngest said, "You know - like a Christmas reef".  ;)

Needing ... to get our passports.  It's driving my husband CRAZY that I haven't gotten it yet.  I do want to take a few little trips over the summer, but I have BIG plans to take the family to Disney at the end of December.  Shhhh ... it's a secret.

Advice ... and this is one I need to keep reminding myself to follow ... I think I've done a pretty good job this month.  Get OFF the computer more - and spend that time with the family.  

Well, that's it ... still can't believe I've got it done a day early.  :)  I also can't believe that tomorrow is the beginning of April!!!  I've got to plan a great trick for my girls tomorrow.  Any ideas???



  1. I watched The Walking Dead tonight too. I usually DVR it because it's a school night...but I watched it tonight since it's spring break! I can't wait for it to come back on in the fall.

  2. You are such a good mom Jen! I love reading about all of the time you spend with your girls. I bet your girls are the sweetest things ever! Glad you had a great Easter with your family! Take care!

  3. I so need to listen to your computer advice...or so my husband says! ;) It's so hard to not get sucked in because it's so much fun! Enjoy your last day tomorrow!

    Mary Beth
    Run Teacher, Run

  4. Disney is my favorite vacation of ALL time. I had never been and wanted to go, so my husband went all out to take me. LOVED every minute of it. I can't wait to have a child and take him or her. I am so behind on the Walking Dead. I haven't watch last season or this season.

    Thinking Out Loud

  5. We may be at the same place at same time later this year ; ) I LOVE board games!! Sorry I don't have any ideas for April Fools. I used to write March 32 as the date on my board at school. Ha, ha.

    Hokie Teach

  6. the computer advice is a GOOD ONE!!! so glad you have created some great memories with your girls :) and the walking dead... GROSS... I watch it with my hubs but it is soooo yucky!!! the things I do for my man... we haven't watched it yet because I am making him watch the RHWoA HA HA HA

  7. I love your advice. I am so guilty of doing the opposite and then the guilt is killing me.
    How about Yahtzee? I love counting all those dots :)Enjoy your last day off!!!
    My Second Sense

  8. Switch the bags of cereal in the cereal boxes! Love your advice. My husband has to be off of his iPhone for work by 7:30. He'll work until midnight if I let him. I really need to get off the computer sooner!

    Rowdy in First Grade

  9. I love The Walking Dead, too! I never thought I would like this show and have to look away at the gory scenes. But it's one of my favorites! I'm really curious what season 3 will bring. Carl seems to be going down a BAD path!

    Extra Special Teaching

  10. Disney is the best! I am taking my 15 yr old to NYC in July and also have to renew the passports..... except I can't find her birth certificate :(. Maybe you could put food colouring in the milk at breakfast? I am glad we are home on April Fool's day instead of at school! We have co-workers that do funny things like wrapping everything in the classroom up in foil, or they put fish in the overhead projectors........ have a good one! Jen

  11. It's only my husband and I and I feel that my laundry pile is NEVER caught up! My mantra is that it can always what until tomorrow and then tomorrow I say the same thing!
    Fourth and Ten
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  12. I love your advice, Jen :) I need to do that. My spring break is next week and I am only devoting one day to be on the computer (while the others have plans) so that I can spend time with my family!! want advice? I'm a self-proclaimed Disney Queen :)


    Fun in Room 4B

  13. Oh boy I also have left laundry to pile up in my basement. Did I do it today? Nope I just worked online all day. Glad to know I am not alone.
    2 Peas and a Dog Teaching Blog

  14. LOVE the Walking dead...watching it tonight before heading back to school tomorrow...why do long weekends go by so quickly???

  15. bloody wonder I was 200.....I didn't know this posted you say head in the sand? So glad you had a wonderful Easter with your fam;) Sooooo important as is your advice:)

    4th Grade Frolics

  16. I watched a few episodes of The Walking Dead at the beginning, and like it got put on the back burner. Now Duck Dynasty has my heart!!

    Hope you had a great day back at school-I did! :)


  17. I am a big board game girl! So glad y'all could share that together! I live in Orlando and that is one of the best times at Disney. If you go for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas (which lasts a couple months lol), during the parade they pump snow through the streets, which is a big deal here, and serve hot cocoa and chocolate chip cookies! Really, anytime you go it's amazing. Good luck keeping the secret! This is a cute idea that another mom did for the Disney countdown:

    Love your blog and ideas and would love for you to check out my monthly market linky and link up!

    Teaching with a Touch of Twang

  18. We LOVE the Walking Dead too! So sad it'll be gone till October...BOO!!!

    Sailing into Second

  19. My husband loves The Walking Dead!

    Can you offer any help with linking up to the Currently trend? I've been wanting to do it for awhile but just don't know how!



    1. Hi Rachel! If you head over to Oh' Boy 4th grade (link at the top of my post), Farley gives you full instructions. Basically, you copy her blank image (in her blog post) by right clicking and copying or saving. I open up the image in photoshop (but you can use powerpoint or word) and write in my information using text boxes over top of the image. Once you've posted to your blog, go over and add the link to your blog post in the links below. Hope this helps!

    2. Wow! That's easier than I thought!

      Thank you, thank you!

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  21. Hi Jen
    Could you tell me what font you have used for your 'currently'. I love it!