Donut You Know ... A Fast No-Prep Math Game

25 July 2019
Runde's Room: Donut You Know Math Facts Game
Looking for more fun ways to incorporate a little extra math facts practice into your day?  This super fun, no prep math game is a huge hit in my classroom.  I've seen the idea floating around instagram and pinterest a few times, and decided to try it out.  My crews always love a little competition, and actually, practicing their math facts too, so this game became an instant winner.  They seriously love it.

Runde's Room: Donut You Know Math Facts Game
You start out by drawing a donut (hence the name - "Donut You Know".  We use whiteboards, but any surface can be used.

Runde's Room: Donut You Know Math Facts Game
Then you write your numbers around the donut (be intentional with the numbers depending on the skill you are practicing).  *These numbers can stay the same for all the rounds you play.*

Runde's Room: Donut You Know Math Facts Game
Then ... with dramatic flair ... announce the donut hole number and skill ... and watch the students go crazy as they try to solve all the facts first.  *No calculator allowed - mental math only.

We don't use a time limit - the first person, or pair, or group to solve all facts correctly wins.  When a group has finished, they yell, "check" and all groups pause - markers in the air.  I run over, do a quick check, and if all are correct, the game is done and we start again with a new number.  If they have an incorrect fact I hand the board back to them and say, "game on" - meaning they need to find their error and correct it and all other groups can go back to work, too.  It literally takes one minute to complete a round.

Runde's Room: Donut You Know Math Facts Game
To play a second round, just erase the numbers around the donut and in the donut hole - leaving the numbers on the donut.  Just change the skill and number in the middle of the donut hole and students solve all the facts again.

Runde's Room: Donut You Know Math Facts Game
This game can be used to practice all kinds of math skills:
  • adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing
  • whole numbers and decimals
  • adding or subtracting fractions
  • doubling and halving
  • tripling and thirding
  • multiplying by powers of 10
  • mental math strategies
  • number talk strategies

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Back to School Graphing Activity

17 July 2019
Runde's Room:  Back to School 3D Bar Graphs
Are you looking for a new idea for a math back to school activity?  These back to school Pop-Up Bar Graphs might be just what you need!  I needed something new this year because I will have most of my class for a second time (I taught them in 4th, and will now have them for 6th).  They are a fantastic bunch and I'm looking so forward to another great year with them.
Runde's Room:  Back to School 3D Bar Graphs

One activity they particularly enjoyed was our Pop-Up Bar Graphs, so I thought I could incorporate that idea into our first day of school this year.

This Back to School 3D Pop-Up Bar Graph activity contains an ice breaker activity students will use as they survey questions.  The object is for each student to find out how many classmates have the same answers as them.  They will then use this data to complete a graphing organizer, graphing reflection, and an interactive 3D bar graph that will WOW!  A learning goal and success criteria poster is also included, along with full lesson and assembly instructions.

Runde's Room:  Back to School 3D Bar GraphsYou can take a peek at these bar graphs by clicking HERE or on any of the pictures in this post.