Twas the Night Before ....

02 September 2013
This will be short and sweet ... I still have a bunch of things to do before tomorrow morning.  But, I do have the cookies baked, 3 little lunches made, 3 little outfits laid out, and three little sweethearts sound asleep (at least, I hope so).  Mommy jobs are all done; some teacher jobs still to go.

I've got my room all set up, though.  Just wanted to give you a quick picture tour.

First up - my classroom reading wall / library.  Hands down - my favourite spot in my classroom.  I have my books organized by genre / author in cubbies instead of baskets.  I prefer the cubbies because students can easily see the titles of all the books.  

This is the view from my classroom door:

My desk area (still have a bit of tidying and organizing to do here).  The table behind my desk has my document camera and laptop.  

And my view from my desk:

I made a new bulletin board to cover some of my older blackboards - pretty proud of it.  :)  I covered a 4 x 8 sheet of styrofoam insulation in this fabulous chevron fabric, and then hung it from binder rings on 3M hooks.  This is my writing bulletin board I use to display all our writing from the year - the little silver pencils have the students' names written on them.

I also made a few changes on this wall.  I used my washi tape to section off areas on the blackboard - this blackboard is for our learning goals, end of class reflections and exit slips, our calendar, and homework board.  The large bulletin board beside it will be dedicated to math.  :)

Okay - that's all I have time for tonight.  Gotta finish up some little jobs before tomorrow.  To all of you heading back for your first day tomorrow - I hope it's WONDERFUL!!!  And to those of you who are already back, thank-you for breaking the year in for the rest of us.  :)

Happy Monday night!


  1. You have a fantastic room. It is also so big. I'm jealous.. Good luck on your first day.

  2. Have a wonderful first day!

  3. oh Jen, I can't even begin to tell you how much I love your classroom!!! I just want to grab a book from your gorgeous library and take a seat on that awesome chair (or that rug! It is perfect!!). Everything is so bright and comforting at the same time. Do you think I could come up and visit you? Then I could see all the loveliness in person PLUS get to chat with you :) Best of luck tomorrow, though I know you won't need it!

  4. Love your room! Enjoy your first day!

  5. Love your library! Was that a custom bookshelf? Awesome room! Have fun tomorrow!!

  6. Enjoy the day! I have the "First Day Jitters" as I prepare to introduce your Math Journal to my students tomorrow. ;-)

  7. Jen: Your room looks beautiful... I am wishing you a WONDERFUL first day of school tomorrow. I will be thinking of you when I start my day!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  8. I love the blue and red together. Very nice for upper elementary

    The Math Maniac

  9. Your room is beautiful, yet very functional! I love the library cubbies instead of baskets!

    Primary "Teach"spiration

  10. That button rug is to DIE FOR!! I adore it! :) Your room looks awesome- colorful and organized...just the way I like it ;) I'm happy to see that your door poster held up well enough for another year of display! Thanks for the tour!

    The Learning Tree

  11. Your room is absolutely beautiful, Jen! Your students are going to have no excuse for learning at their absolute best with a great classroom and a fantastic teacher! Have a wonderful year.

  12. Your room looks fab! We just started our 5th week:) I hope you had a wonderful first day and a wonderful week to follow;)

    4th Grade Frolics

  13. Hey Jenn,

    Did you buy those cubbies or did they come with your room?
    Thinking of Teaching

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  15. What a colourful and inviting room! It's awesome! I wish we were still able to hang objects from our ceilings! It adds interest for sure!


  16. I love your classroom. It's so bright and colorful. Your button rug is so cute! I hope you had a great first day. Tomorrow is my first day with the kiddos.

    Quinnessential Lessons

  17. Was your fire department worried about the styrofoam? Styrofoam has a nasty and toxic smoke if it burns (heaven forbid!!) . I had to use a cut up freezer box.

  18. I hope you had a great first day, your classroom looks amazing!
    - Melissa
    Teacher Abroad