SNOW Many Angles

25 January 2020
Have some hands-on fun teaching angles with this snowflake activity.  While making this super cute snowflake, students will create and measure intersecting lines, acute, right, obtuse, and straight angles, and angle bisectors.

For this activity, students will need 9 popsicle sticks and glue.  (We used white glue for this activity, but glue guns would be great, as well). 

  • First, students glue together 3 popsicle sticks to make six 60 degree angles.  
  • They then break the 6 remaining popsicle sticks in half.  (We snapped them in half, then used scissors to clean up the edges.  Exacto knives would work, as well).  
  • Glue two halves together to make a 90 degree angle, and repeat until 6 right angles have been made.
  • Glue each right angle to the end of one of the intersecting lines, so that it bisects the right angle.
  • Paint and glitter are optional ... but what's a snowflake without a little sparkle?  ;) 

You can grab a freebie of these instructions for your students, including an assessment checklist that students can use for self-assessment, or quickly conference with each student to complete the checklist together for a formal assessment.  Get a copy of my SNOW Many Angles activity by clicking HERE or on the pictures.  SNOW many angles ... snow much learning!

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