Canada Day Freebie

01 July 2011

I told you I wasn't going to stop playing with Tagxedo.  I love this maple leaf I made for Canada Day - I even made it my profile pic on facebook!

We're having a good day here - slept in a bit (makes mommy a happy girl), got some pics of the girls in their new Canada shirts (makes mommy a happy girl, again), had a great Canada Day BBQ (makes daddy a happy boy), the girls helped make the special cake (makes them happy girls), and now we're just waiting for the fireworks to begin (makes everyone happy)!

Do you Sudoku?  My oldest daughter loves to do Sudoku puzzles!  To keep her busy while we're waiting for the fireworks to begin, I made her a Canada-themed puzzle.  I uploaded it to google docs if you would like a copy, too.  (At least, I hope I uploaded to google docs - it's my first time using it).  Just click on the picture to bring you to the link.

So, the youngest two are in bed, the oldest is busy with her Sudoku puzzle, and I'm just about to make popcorn to bring to watch the fireworks ... now fingers crossed the rain holds off!  Happy Canada Day!

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