Christmas Craft Ideas

17 July 2011
I'm linking up to the TBA Christmas Crafts linky party.  I LOVE making Christmas crafts with my students (and everyone at my school must know it, because somehow I am now responsible for coming up with the Christmas crafts for our entire school's Christmas craft workshops).  So get those ideas in ... I'm going to need a lot more next year!!!

My first craft is my personal favourite.  I love making quilled snowflakes with my students - I do it every year.  After the students get the hang of rolling the paper, it keeps them engaged and quiet for a long time.  And the best part is ... you probably already have all of the supplies you need.  I use the paper shredder (not the cross cut kind) to make the paper strips.  We roll the paper around large paper clips to get the shapes started.  It usually takes a few class periods to make all the shapes needed, each student stores the little shapes in an envelope with their name on it.  When the shapes are finished and glued together, the snowflakes can be embellished with silver sparkles, but I think they look beautiful just the way they are.  Use a little fishing line or string to make a loop to hang them on the tree.

Here are some pictures of my quilled snowflakes - these are ones I've made before, and hang on my own tree.  If you search "quilling" or "quilled snowflakes" on youtube, there are plenty of videos that will show you how to make a snowflake step by step.  Once you know a few of the little shapes, it's easy to make your own creations.

The other two ideas have pictures from my sister's blog, but are activities I have done.  The first one is a handprint snowman ornament.  I did this one with my own children a few years ago after I found them online somewhere (this time, I actually gave my sister the idea) - and it turns out so cute!  This would be a great craft for a primary classroom.  We made extra ornaments to give as gifts to the grandparents.  I cherish these ornaments - and know I always will.  Click here for instructions on how to make these adorable ornaments.

Last year my sister posted this cute fingerprint craft she had done with her kids.  Click here to see how she made it.  The moment I saw it I knew it would make a fantastic bulletin board border for our seasonal work.  I cut strips of white paper, and stapled them around the bulletin board to make a border.  Then I drew a long, curvy line around the border to act as the wire, and had my students stamp their painted thumb prints all over the line.  Quick, fabulous, easy, and super cheap! 

I hope you're enjoying our Christmas in July.  Link up with a craft of your own!!!

Happy Sunday!


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  2. What great ideas...I always panic each year when I have to come up with something. Thank you for supplying me with ideas so early.

  3. Such cute ideas!! Love them! Thanks for linking up with TBA's Christmas Craft Linky Party! :)

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