Bring On Tomorrow!!!

05 September 2011
Spent ALL day in the classroom today ... ALL DAY!  I brought my eight year-old with me today, and she was sooooo much help.  I swear I'd be spending the night there tonight if I didn't have her help today.  Thank-you, sweetheart!  The good news ... I'm DONE!  Well, almost ... I do have a few things to do tomorrow morning, but I'm going in early so I'll get them done.  It was well after supper by the time we left school today and I had to get my little girl home.  Everybody starts back to school tomorrow.

I'll keep this one short and sweet tonight - I've got a bunch of planning still to do.  So, here are the completed pics ... enjoy!

This is outside my classroom.  I hung the crayon wreath I made, I made the banner on Vistaprint (LOVE it), and the ABCs are from The Corner on Character - ABCs to get you from Crayons to College.  I LOVED this when I saw it.  Tomorrow I'm going to do a character lesson centered around these themes - and at the end of the day all students will have to pick their favourite theme to write down in their planners.

The view from my door.  I got my counter cleaned off and my bookshelves organized - looks A LOT better!  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my SMARTboard.

This is my area.  I attached (staple gun and glue gun) fabric to the table my laptop and ELMO are on to hide the hideous mess underneath.  GENIUS!  I got my own bookshelf organized, my clipboards hung (LOVE them), my desk cleaned off (a feat in itself), and the work table organized.  The work table is for students who are having a difficult time working (quietly) in their groups, or someone who needs a little extra help from ... me.  Hope those garbage cans get emptied tomorrow morning.

The reading area - my favourite area in the whole classroom.  And the best part - it's across from my desk area so I can stare at it all day long!!!  Look at the great pillow I bought this weekend - almost too fancy for the classroom.  The bulletin boards are still empty because they will be filled with anchor charts and student work very, very soon.

My computer wall - I put my brand new laminator and binding machine there, as well.  I'm going to hang the banner a little better tomorrow (hide the magnets), and I'm going to cover the blackboards so they look the same as the bulletin boards.  The one with all the tape residue is where I had my visual schedule last year.  It didn't get cleaned off (apparently), and I don't have the time to do it, so my solution is to cover it.

And the last wall.  My math area is on the left, and my word wall is on the right (that was chore to redo today!)  I have my agenda board (homework area) on the right side of the blackboard - I record all work there, and the students have to write down everything in their agendas at the end of the day.

And now ... stick a fork in me - I'm DONE!  Well, done the classroom, at least.   Gotta get planning now ...

For those of you who start back tomorrow - GOOD LUCK!  And for those of you who are already hard at it - hope you enjoyed the long weekend!!!


  1. W.O.W - I LOVE your ABCs . . . Oh, you are amA-Zing!!! What a blessing to your students you are. Thanks for posting - oh, and for sharing your sister's site . . . she's got SUCH a cute site!!!!


  2. WOW that looks great. Have an awesome first day back.

  3. What a fantastic classroom!!! Thanks for sharing pictures!!

    Miss J

    Smiles, Crayons, and Endless Stories

  4. Have a great first day back. Your classroom looks amazing!

  5. so. much. wall space! Your classroom looks awesome!

  6. Great job Jen! Have fun on your first day back. I hope the kiddos have a great first day too!

  7. your room looks fantasic!!!!! Could totally point you out as a PT/Pinterest teacher :) (did anyone say crate seats & crayon wreath?)

    Have a great first day of school tomorrow!!!

    ❤ Mor ❤
    A Teacher's Treasure

  8. Love the Crayons to College! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Your room looks fabulous! Would you be willing to share the ABCs via email in a word doc? I love the font you used!

  10. I am very jealous of all the pin boards and wall space you have! I do miss having my own classroom at times. I work in three different classes. Hope it was a fantastic first day!

  11. Thanks, everyone!!! I survived ... barely! ;)
    Hiedi - it's so funny that people are jealous of my room - I have such a small and odd-shaped room (almost pie-shaped). I've been so envious of all of the classrooms I've seen pics of. Thanks!

  12. Looks great!!!! Is that a melted crayon art in your classroom library behind the chair? Did you make it and if so was it hard? I pinned it on Pinterest as a great idea but wasn't sure if it actually works.

    1. Morning Terri!
      Yes - I made it last summer. It really was easy to do. I just glued gunned the crayons to the top, and used a hairdryer to melt them - just don't aim the hairdryer at the melting drips because the drips will splatter - "aim high" with the hair dryer. ;)