Friday Art Feature

30 September 2011

The only way I could bear to take down my Fall leaf art from last week, was to do another Fall leaf art this week.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Fall colours!!!

For this project, I got brave and broke out the paints.  We discussed how to make shades and tints of colours by adding black and white paint.  I found the best way to do this without having the students mix up all the colours on a paper plate, was to use egg cartons.  I poured two sections of blue paint (one to make blue shades and one to make blue tints), and one of each black and white.  We started with a stripe of blue paint in the centre of the page (I used cardstock for this project).  We then added black to the blue paint bit by bit as we worked down the page.  When we were done that, we added white to the other blue paint, bit by bit, and worked up the page.  Then we let it dry.

We then used a pencil to draw a tree outline on the paper, and coloured it in with black sharpie.  I actually projected an image of a tree outline I had found online so the students could follow along while they drew.  With that being said, I did have some awfully ... interesting trees.  ;)

We used scrapbook paper to cut out the leaves (we used green, orange, yellow, and red papers).  I left it up to the students to add as many or as few leaves as they wished.

My students aren't quite finished with their projects yet (they are just finishing up with the leaves).  With the cross country meet Thursday afternoon, and a PD day today, we didn't get in as much art time this week as I would've liked.  We usually start our art projects Monday morning (45 minute class), then students can finish their projects through the week when they have extra time.  I did however, do this as a weekend craft project with my own kids last weekend.  Here is our completed project:
Elizabeth (my eight year-old) completed the one on the left, mine is in the middle, and Katie (my five year-old) completed the one on the right (my three year-old was taking a nap).  I have to admit, I helped them with their trees and cut out the leaves, but everything else is ALL them!  Right now they are proudly displayed on my dining room wall.

Happy Friday and Happy Weekend!!!  To celebrate surviving the first month of school, I'm having a SALE at my TPT store until Sunday!  Stop by and take a peek ...


  1. Thanks! This is my favourite one, yet. Can't wait until the whole class finishes so I can get them up on my bulletin board.

  2. Hi Jen:
    Can you help me, please?
    Can you please substitute our new pic of the tap light (currently on my blog) for the old one that is on your Pinterest page.
    I changed the picture on my site because the link back wouldn't work :(
    ...or I did it wrong,which is more than likely

    People are pinning from your Pinterest page and I want them to have the right credit.
    This is so hard for someone who doesn't know enough. It was almost the end of blogging for me. Sad sigh.

  3. Dearest Jen...
    One last request
    (and I promise not to bother you for a year!)
    If you click on the old pic on your P. board, it will give you a choice to delete the first one. That would make me (and the unknown light-linker who will never know how hard we tried) feel better. THANK YOU for being my MY link to sanity.
    I appreciate all you have done for a near-stranger who you've only known in BlogLand for a month!

    MOST Appreciatively,

  4. These can be SO COOL to go with a little fall poem. I might do this. :)