My Vistaprint Order Came In!!!

18 August 2011
So, I'm wondering if it means I've been doing too much online shopping if my daughter takes one look at the delivery truck and says, "Mom, the lady with the boxes is here again."  Oh well, bad thing or not, I'm so excited my Vistaprint order came in!  Yay!!!

This is most of my loot.  I also got an extremely large banner that I couldn't take a picture of yet.  You'll see it when I finally post my classroom pictures.  The brown banner (check out our work ...) will hang outside my classroom over two bulletin boards where I post student work.

I LOVE this poster from Teachfactory.  The students will probably think it's a message for them, but really it will be a reminder to me ... there is enough time to do it all.  The Reading Goals postcards (sorry about the glare) will be for students to record their reading goals and keep in their portfolios.  I have just enough for them to complete one at the beginning of each term.

Here I have my Learning Goals bumper sticker - I'll place it at the top of the board where I have my learning goals chart.  I also got thank-you notes, a sticky pad, a pen, and my Character ROCKS! cards.  I can't wait to get my character bulletin board started and set up all my character ROCKS goodies underneath it.

Last but not least, there is my magnetic notepad, 25 magnets (to give out with my Student of the Month certificates), my Welcome to our Classroom door magnet, and my calendar.  I know I mentioned before how in love I am with this calendar.  I made it with posters from Teachfactory.  I want to use these posters with inspirational quotes for writing prompts this year.  OHHHHH - when I was looking up the link for the posters, I just saw she has a Bucket Filling poster, too.  This will look great on my Character ROCKS! bulletin board.  See it here.

So, that's about it.  I'm still waiting for my husband to cut the wood for my crate stools ... maybe if I nag enough tonight he'll get started on it.  It's a good thing I can use these crates for storage - I'm going to need it to haul all my goodies back to school!!!

Happy Thursday!


  1. I just completed my first order last week. I am anxiously awaiting its arrival!

    Learning in 2nd Grade

  2. Okay ... I've been to Vista but can't figure out how all the free stuff works .. I'm not usually this slow ... HELP!

  3. Mrs. Suntken - the first time I ordered I could only pick a few free items - business cards, a pen, and something else ... I can't remember. However, the next day (probably because I ordered something) I got an email opening up a lot of new free options (everything that's pictured above and a bit more). I didn't choose any extra options on the items (that's where you have to start paying). I did have to pay shipping costs (which I thought were a bit high), but overall - very happy with everything I got. And it all came together in one order even though I ordered on two consecutive days.

  4. I have my first order also! I love the free stuff and all the ideas. Every time someone posts what they got, I think I wish I had done that. lol

  5. Thanks Jen .. I'll go back and take another look!

  6. Isn't it like your birthday when you get ll that stuff?!?!?

  7. Very cool Jen! I can't wait to see your classroom.

  8. I wanted to print the posters from teach factory, but everytime I try the print company saya the resolution isn't good. What am I doing wrong?