Plethora of Pretty Pebbles

01 August 2011
This weekend we spent some time at one of our favourite places in the whole wide world - a place we have affectionately nicknamed Pebble Beach.  We had a picnic lunch, played in the waves, and had some fun on the beach.  All in all - a GREAT time was had by all.

My girls LOVE this couch shaped rock.  The waves spash over the top of the rock, and their squeals of delight can be heard for miles ... it's a good thing this special place is one of our little secrets.

Of course, being "pebble beach" we come home with lots of treasures.  The girls have a blast picking out beautiful stones and this time we brought home three large buckets.

So ... any ideas on what I should do with all these "treasures"?  I plan on taking the smaller ones and gluing them to a picture frame (with a picture from our day), and we're going to make some inukshuks, but what else?  Do you have any good craft or school ideas?


  1. Have you read the poem "Beach Stones" by Lillian Moore? It's short and could have kids read it and see if they agree with the author's view. Look at your gorgeous photos of the stones and then the stones themselves...persuasive writing could follow! I wish I had a pebble beach near me!

  2. Oh WOW, Emily! I just read that poem and it's fantastic! Thanks for a fabulous idea!

  3. You have such an abundance of rocks for a fifth grade earth science unit at your finger tips. We in the southern states have to purchase measly rock kits from suppliers.

    You could also make pet rocks, door stops, garden edging, or hot glue creatures. Or maybe just leave them for others to enjoy.

    William Smith

  4. I've seen people modge podge hearts cut out from scrapbook paper and but them into a nice looking container.

    One artist to check out is Andy Goldsworthy... just google his name and pebble images and you will find some beautiful artwork even the kids could do. :)

  5. I use a fine point Sharpie market (on the ones that aren't too dark) to write character traits on them, then I put them in a fountain (or in a basket or on a plate!) with a sign that reads: Character Rocks! I once had a fifth-grade student pick the responsibility rock out of the water and say, "If I had more responsibility, maybe my hamster wouldn't have died." So they make excellent talking points! I've also used them to play memory games like concentration.

  6. Barbara - the character rocks are a FANTASTIC idea! I can use them as bucket fillers, and tie that in. LOVE IT - thank-you soooo much!

  7. I love your photos of your family.

    That beach rocks! (couldn't help- sorry) I have never seen a beach like that. It is so cool. Our FL beaches are completely different.

    Teaching Blog Addict
    ♥Teaching with TLC

  8. Thanks, Tamara. This beach is on the shores of Lake Superior. However, we're taking a trip to Florida next summer to experience your sandy white beaches and seashells. :)

  9. Your girls are beautiful! And that beach is fabulous-I have never seen a beach like that! :)