A Week of Pinterest-Inspired Crafts: Day 7

29 August 2011
Well, it's my last craft day for the week, and I have to admit - I'm going to miss it.  But I do need my evenings back to get everything ready before school starts next Tuesday.  And it will be nice to get my dining room back - my crafts and school supplies have taken over!  I'm taking a trip out to my school tomorrow to drop everything off.  I also plan to get some "before" pictures of my class at that time.

So, let's get to it.  I love the tissue paper pompoms that are hanging from the ceilings in the classrooms I've seen.  I pinned this from Keen on Kindergarten.  Her room is soooooo cute!  It's one of those rooms that makes me wish I taught kindergarten ... for a moment or two, at least.

I found instructions on how to make them from good ole Martha Stewart.  Click here to see them.  The article said to use 8 sheets of tissue paper, but I read in the comments that you should use more to make them fuller.  I used 15 sheets of 20 x 26 tissue paper for each one.  I wanted to make 5, but it turned out I only had enough paper for 3.  I hung them from the ribbon I had left over from my crayon wreath.  Another quick, cheap, and easy craft.  They'll look great hanging from the wooden beam that runs across my classroom.  So great I'll probably have to run out for more tissue paper ... I guess I'm not done with the crafting, after all.  Actually, they look pretty great hanging from my pergola on the deck - I must remember to make these for my next summer backyard party.

My latest "dress-down Friday" T-shirts arrived today from Cafe Press.  I love them!  I use the "Let's Eat Grandma" as part of a comma lesson every year.  The students LOVE this!  "You wish you could hit like a girl" will be my new coaching shirt - I coach the girls' volleyball team.  And "The dog ate my lesson plan" is just plain old funny!


  1. I've really enjoyed all your Pinterest inspired posts. Everything you've made looks wonderful!Thank you for sharing!

  2. I, too, enjoyed your Pinterest inspired posts. I have also found lots of great ideas that I used in my classroom to start the year! We LOVE Pinterest!
    Mrs.Miner’s Monkey Business

  3. I adore these flowers! I am going to miss craft week! Also, I have been looking at Cafe Press for about an hour. I've pinned quite a few.....thanks for sharing that.
    The Write Handed Teacher

  4. Very cool! And lol at let's eat Grandma. Umm, let's not.

  5. Thanks for the kind words! Some days this week I have wished I taught older kids that were able to work independently-but I know my kinders will come around eventually! Love your tissue paper pompoms-what a pretty blue color!
    Keen on Kindergarten