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Foldable Magic

We have just finished up our Social Studies projects - and just WAIT until you see them!  We used the coolest format - it's magic - plain and simple.  This project format is so engaging for your students, they'll actually beg to work on the project.  Seriously.  The secret is the hidden panel - students simply pull on the cover pages, and the hidden panel magically appears.  Get ready to WOW your class!  This is the second time I've done this project with one of my classes, and it was equally successful each time.  You can see my original blog post HERE.

Right now in Social Studies, my grade 4 students are studying Early Societies and my grade 5 students are studying Early Canada.  This research project was so easy to adapt so both grades could complete the same format.  My grade 4s researched food, clothing, homes, and health in Ancient Greece and compared it to present day Canada.  My grade 5s researched food, homes, tools and clothing, and culture for First Nations in Early Canada and also compared it to present day Canada.  For each section of research, they also completed a picture to illustrate.  We tied it into nonfiction reading with learning how to research, and talked a lot about the text features we included in our completed projects.

Sit back and watch the magic happen ...

Are you convinced?  Check out this YouTube video by Dan Jones for complete instructions on how to complete this secret door foldable.  It would be so awesome for so many different projects - and I think it would make an awesome book report project - using each section for chapter summaries and illustrations.  This is definitely one format you will want to use year after year.  And they look great hanging up, too.  I used push pins to attach them to our bulletin board, so students can easily take them down to show off the "magic" inside.  


  1. I use the secret door foldables in social studies, too, and my kiddos LOVE them!!

  2. Fabulous post - I just love how the wall display turned out, thanks for sharing!

    Teachers Resource Force

  3. Thank you so much for including the video and the pictures. The foldable books are beautiful!

  4. This is really an awesome project that students will surely love to do! This will keep their imagination and creativity alive and kicking just like what I've read from a book during in the past. I will have to share this on my paper submission in

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