More Learning Goals - Grade 5 Bundles Completed!

21 May 2012
I took advantage of some of my free time this (LONG) weekend, and completed a project I have been working on for a while - my Grade 5 Learning Goals based on the Ontario Curriculum.  I know some of you have been asking about them, and I apologize that they took so long to complete, but ... they're done and they're posted!  Each bundle contains both the PDF and Word files in case you need to make small changes to a goal.  The complete bundle contains learning goals for our 408 different expectations ... 408!!! .... no wonder we stress so much about fitting it all in!!!  Click on each file name for a preview of the product.

photo of Grade 5 Learning Goals based on the Ontario Curriculum Expectations
Ontario Learning Goals - Complete Grade 5 Bundle

Ontario Learning Goals - The Arts Grade 5

Ontario Learning Goals - Language Arts Grade 5

Ontario Learning Goals - Mathematics Grade 5

Ontario Learning Goals - Health and Phys Ed Gr.5

Ontario Learning Goals - Science and Social Studies Gr. 5

In case you missed my previous post about Learning Goals, click HERE to read more about how I post my goals in the classroom, and how we use post-its on our goals as our exit slips at the end of the day.  Discussing our daily learning goals every morning in the language used in the curriculum has definitely raised the bar in our classroom - students know what their goals are for the day, are accountable for reaching the goals, and use the specific language in their oral discussions and written answers.  This has worked so well in my classroom this year - just wish I had started it sooner!!!

Happy Monday!!!


  1. you are truly amazing would you do a learning goal package for primary grades. just wondering, hope you enjoyed the long weekend. talk soon. mary

  2. LOVE these! I will be definitely be purchasing your ELA set - however, I don't think the Social Studies packet will help me since we study Early American history ...

  3. I was just looking for this in your store the other day. I purchased the one for Grade 6 this year but will be doing a different grade next year. I thought that maybe I would have to try to do it myself (yikes!). Thank you!- Jen

  4. Thank you, Jen!! I'm excited to use these in my classroom next year! You've put a lot of work into these - that's evident - but it is appreciated! :)

  5. Woo Woo! Very excited. Thank you!

  6. Jen,
    Love your blog--especially your math journal Sundays. Plan on doing a math note book next year with my 5th graders. My district is looking into getting a new math series and I'm on the math committee. I was interested in what series your district uses. I know you're in Ontario (I'm from Michigan), but I don't think the math series are that different.


  7. Wow! That's awesome! I recently found your blog and it is so have so many great ideas! Thanks so much!

  8. I am so excited that you posted this!
    I am passing along an award to you to say thank you.

  9. I have been a follower of your blog for some time and I always find inspiration when I read your blogs. I was totally appreciative of the work you put into the Learning Goals for the Grade 5s, thanks so much.

  10. Will you be modifying these to a grade 4 bundle anytime soon? Can these be downloaded and edited for grade 4?

  11. was so great to find your idea for organizing the daily learning goals. I had thought of doing this idea too this year but hadn't figured out a way to post them so thanks so much for sharing! Love your website!