Back-To-School SALE and a Bit of Catch-Up

10 August 2012
I've been a little MIA lately as I've been vacationing with my family.  It's been long over-due, and we've had a BLAST!  We're heading out to the cottage tonight for the rest of weekend to relax before my husband heads back to work on Monday (however, I'm not sure chasing three little girls around the cottage qualifies as "relaxing", but I know it will be a good time).

I did schedule a few posts before I left that I wanted to share with you.  If you've been following our Daily 5 / CAFE book study, my post on Chapter 6 (Whole Class Instruction) went out on Monday.  Click on the button below to see all of our posts.  I can't wait to start implementing some of these strategies into my classroom next year (I think I may be even more excited to make the bulletin board).
We Read, We Blog, We Teach

I also finished my latest installment for Classroom DIY.  I made the cutest little name plate for my desk out of scrabble letters.  Click on the picture to see my post and read all about how to make your own (it was SO easy!).

I am also participating in a Back-To-School Cyber Search for grades 3 - 6.  On Saturday, August 11th, I will be teaming up with eleven other bloggers to help make your back-to-school transition a little easier.  We will be giving away over $45.00 worth of resources for FREE.  Click on the button below to read all about it.

Lastly, I will be participating in the BIG back-to-school sales happening on August 12th-13th.  ALL my products at my TPT and TN stores will be on sale for 20% off for those two days (it's a great time to clear some of those items off your wishlists).  In addition, TPT is offering an extra 10% off by entering the code BTS12 at the checkout!!!   Click on the buttons below to view my products.


  1. Love the name plate!!

    Check out my 100 Follower Super Giveaway and enter to win!

    Mrs. Crouse @ {6th} Grade All-Stars

  2. Love the name plate...but hope "Lady Chatterly's Lover" is not on our desk at school! LOL! As always, great blog!

  3. I've pinned your name plate and added it to my ever growing list of projects to do. Love it!

    The Teaching Thief

  4. When is your Interactive Math Notebook going to be available. Thanks for all that you do!


  5. Hey! I'm having a Linky Party on my blog for the TPT sale. You should add your shop link and spread the word about your sale!

    The Lower Elementary Cottage

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  7. Can you tell me more about your word wall? I also teach 5th grade and would like to know how you decide what words to use for it.

  8. The name plate is so adorable!

  9. Great name plate! I HAVE to make one for myself - I'm a huge Scrabble fan so it will fit me perfectly. Thomas Hardy & Jane Austen?! You're a woman after my own heart. :-)

    Mrs. Allen’s 5th Grade Files

  10. Hi,

    Using this sale to buy all the things I've been eyeing on your TPT store! I would love a blog post sometime about how you use the cootie catchers in class.