One, Two, Three ... Show Me!

19 November 2012

About a month ago I posted on Classroom DIY about my Two-Sided Dry-Erase Boards.  These little boards were super easy to make, and my students LOVE using them.

I bought white and black bristol board to make the dry erase boards.  I cut each piece of bristol board into 6 pieces of 8.5 x 11 size.  Place a white and black sheet into a laminating pouch, and laminate.  That's it!  (Told you it was easy).  Yes, I know you've all seen many variations to make the dry erase boards, but I LOVE the black side of this one ... know why? ... we get to use the neon dry erase markers!  So cool!!!  I don't have quite enough neon dry erase markers for a full class set (I'm waiting for a sale - those things are expensive!), so I hand out the neon markers as a reward to students when using the boards (students who have finished all their homework, or showed good character, or whatever I feel like rewarding that day).

Right now we're using the dry erase boards to practice our multiplication skills - and my students CAN'T WAIT to use the boards.  Every morning they come in and BEG to use the boards ... so, of course, I make them use their best persuasive language (we're writing persuasive paragraphs in writing right now) and let them think they've convinced me.  They work with their elbow buddies for a bit on some questions I've put on the board, then we do some whole class review.  When all students are done, I call out, "One, two, three ... show me!" and the students hold their boards up for me to check.  I can quickly see who needs some extra help in a small group, and who has got it.  

At the end of last week, the students asked if we could use these boards in language, too.  I think it would be a lot of fun to use them during our Word Work this week when we're looking at parts of speech.  Do any of you fabulous teachers have any wonderful tried-and-true ideas for working with parts of speech and the dry-erase boards?  I want to go beyond the obvious listing of them and really make it engaging for my students.

Happy Monday!!



  1. Love the idea of the neon markers as an incentive!! Gonna steal that one ;)

  2. ditto ont that one! maybe ask santa for some;)

  3. oh my gosh, I have to make these! I can see where the kids would flip! We use our dry erase boards a ton in math and word work (though ours aren't cool with neon markers!).

  4. I wrote about a great sentence editing program for the interactive white board called Interactive Learning: Daily Sentence Editing by Teacher Created Resources on my blog ( recently. The students do the proofreading and editing on their slates and then a volunteer does the interactive work on the board. I incorporate grammar by having the kids identify parts of speech from the daily sentence on their slates. We're only up to nouns and verbs so far, but it definitely works. One trick I use with the individual slates is having the kids reveal their answers in active ways that incorporate movement. For example, "If you said ceiling was a noun put your board on your head and if you said it was a verb, put it behind your back." I do all different variations of this and the kids really get into it. Enjoy your new boards. They look great! ~Stacy

  5. LOVE the neon markers! My 3rd graders love to use whiteboards in math also. It's perfect for keeping them all engaged. I've used whiteboards with our study of nouns too. Thanks for sharing! Have a happy Thanksgiving!


  6. I love your blog! I used to teach the bigger kids and LOVED it. The bigger people "got" my sense of humor. I was moved to second grade last school year, and I think I love them too (they don't always get my humor, so I just make funny faces). keep up the good work! Check out my blog at:

    Take care & have a wonderful holiday,

  7. Boy oh boy, I think even an English major like me would LOVE math in your room!!!

    I'm thankful for YOU!


  8. I can't for the life of me think of an intriguing way to use them for parts of speech besides just the listing. Hmmm.... I'll think on that one. But if you think of something before me let me know! :)


  9. Hi, Jen- Thanks so much for purchasing my Writing Goals Chart and for pinning it. :) I've been nosing around on your blog for some time now and have found MANY great ideas! Your classroom is beautiful! I love the colors and high ceilings!

    Thanks again and have a Happy Thanksgiving! :)

    Mrs. Heeren's Happenings

  10. This is a great idea. We have a few of these in each class but now I will be able to make one for each student. Thanks for the wonderful idea.


  11. I love the way your classroom looks! The red is awesome!

  12. In my classroom, we make 3 columns (nouns, verbs, and adjectives) and we keep a tally on the dry erase board to see which column gets the most. I read a sentence and then pick a word out. My kids have to identify the part of speech then give proof when they give the answer.This helps me assess whether they are having trouble with a particular type.

  13. GREAT IDEA! Thanks for sharing how to make them! I have almost a whole set of whiteboards but LOVE the black with neon! :D

    Teach On.

  14. Whiteboards are such an asset to the classroom! Aside from the fun factor, everyone must participate actively and demonstrate both knowledge and understanding. Applying them to math definitely comes more naturally than Language Arts. Identifying parts of speech reminds me of Mad Libs. Perhaps have students write different words to replace particular parts of speech in a sentence. Not only do students have to identify the nouns, for example, but also need to choose an appropriate noun for the sentence.

  15. Do you just have them use kleenex to erase? Have you fiound that the white side has become discolored after using for a while?

  16. Hi Jen,

    Love how simple these are. Thinking of doing the same for my class. Did they hold up through the school year? Or do you make a new set each year?