Math Journal Sundays - Factors and Multiples

03 March 2013
We added an entry about Greatest Common Factors and Least Common Multiplies to our Math Journals this week.  Last year we used a Venn diagram to look at the GCF, so I decided to use one for both concepts this year.

 I used my Math Reflection Fans for the reflection section again.  This time I chose a question for the "Apply" section and simply had them make up a similar problem and solve it.

When I first introduce greatest common factors to the students, we do a Venn diagram activity on the black board with magnetic numbers.  I put two collapsible circles on the blackboard (I LOVE these circles - they have so many uses in my classroom) and hand out the magnetic numbers (from 1 to 100).  I call out two numbers and the students that have factors for these numbers have to come up and put them in the right spots on the Venn diagram.  It's fun to watch them think and talk it out with each other as they decide if the factor is common to the two numbers.  I have shared my numbers on google docs.  Just click HERE to download a copy.  Simply print on magnetic paper, cut out, and you're set!  (I use these ALL the time in the classroom, too - I keep them in a ziploc baggie beside my desk).  

Hope you're having a relaxing Sunday!  We have one more full week and then we're off for a week for March Break!!!  YAY!



  1. Jen,
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  2. I love the layout of your math journals. It looks like you really get kids to think deeply about the big ideas in math. I am so into magnetic paper this year. Once you start using it, you keep finding more new ideas for it. The kids love coming to the bored and doing things with magnets!!

  3. I love your math posts. Where does one buy collapsible circles?

  4. How did I miss this post?!?! I guess it's been a CRAZY month! We are working on this skill now, and I love your venn diagram idea!

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