Friday Art Feature - Comic Book Onomatopoeia

07 June 2013
I LOVE saving figurative language until June - it's such a fun language unit ... and perfect for our "dreaming of summer brains".  We finished up our EQAO testing mid week, and this onomatopoeia activity was the perfect break from testing.

How fun is that???  Students chose two contrasting colours - one for the background and one for the word and border "bursting out of the page".  They also needed newspaper (cut just a fraction smaller that the "bursting out of the page border" and glued the newspaper on top.  They glued their word on top of that (we had brainstormed a lot of onomatopoeia words, but for some reason most of them chose SPLAT for their word).  I also had them do a little shading under their letters for that little extra POP (see, I know some onomatopoeia words, too).  ;)

I had seen this awesome idea on Pinterest and followed it back to Artisan des Arts.  Her examples are FANTASTIC!!

We also wrote simile poems this week.  I found a little template HERE for the students to use for their rough copies.  When students were finished their templates, I had them write out their good copies, and illustrate a few lines with a small image.  

I hung these up, too ... LOVING our bulletin board switch up ... even this late in the school year!!!  (I have two of these "smART class" bulletin boards side by side in the classroom.

15 more school days left ... I think I can ... I think I can ...

Happy Friday!!!


  1. I love that art work! So neat. I hope your EQAO went well. Our school finished up EQAO this morning. Everyone is so glad it's done...until next year of course.

  2. Love this! I actually plan to START the year with figurative language this fall. It's such a fun unit that I'm hoping it gets students to buy in and really love my class. :) Thanks for adding another trick to my bag!

  3. These look great! I always try to do some artsy fun things during the last couple of weeks... I think that my kiddos would love this! We are working on Father's Day gifts this week so that will be fun! Coasters and duct tape wallets. Can't wait!

  4. Super cute lesson. I agree, figurative language is fun to teach...there's so much we can do with it. :)
    Brandee @ Creating Lifelong Learners

  5. That is really cute. My 4th graders would love that. And onomatopoeia is so fun anyways. :)

    Teaching With Class

  6. Jen - I love that idea! I wish I taught older grades, I want to get back up there. So creative!!
    Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After

  7. Fun! I'll try this with my students this summer (we are a year-round school)......

  8. Fun! I'll try this with my students this summer (we are a year-round school)......