End of the Year Memory Bags

17 May 2014

So ... rumour has it that many of you are just about done school for the year.  I promise I won't be jealous (well, maybe just a little).  I have 29 days left, but who's counting?  ;)  Actually, 29 days seems quite do-able ... maybe even a little scary considering how many things I still want to do with my class.

These end of the year Memory Bags were something we did in my class last year - I just never got around to blogging about it.  These Memory Bags were a perfect way to finish our year, and got the students really reflecting on all they had done and accomplished over the year.  When the students had finished putting together their bags, and presenting them, we put them all out, with the goodies spread all around, so we could do a gallery walk through our year.

With these memory bags, students decorate the front panel of the paper bag they have been given.  They then include 2 different reflections on each of the side panels, and a larger one on the back panel.  On the inside of the bag, they place 10 objects of importance to them that remind them of their accomplishments over the school year.  For each item they place in their memory bag, there is a card that they fill out explaining why they have included the object.  There are lots of options included in the Memory Bags.  For starters, there are front panels for grades 2 - 6, so it works for a variety of grades.  For each panel, there are numerous options with different questions students can answer.  Perfect for differentiation.  And a great way to end the school year.  You can take a peek at this fun Memory Bag Project by clicking HERE.

Happy Saturday!!!  It's a long weekend here, and I'm planning on enjoying every single moment!

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