June Currently

01 June 2014
I still cannot fathom that it's June already.  As ready as I am for the end of the year, I need more time!!!  I haven't linked up to a Currently over at Oh' Boy Fourth Grade in far too long, so here goes ..

It's Sunday ... so that means laundry day around here.  With three kiddos (girls, at that) around here, my clothes mountains never seem conquered.  I guess I could have better time management and throw in a few loads through the week, but who am I kidding ... that will never happen.  ;)

I'm LOVING the beautiful weather we've had this week.  I think we skipped right past spring (we did have snow until the very end of April) - and I'm fine with that.  We've been taking advantage of the beautiful weather with a little (A LOT) work around the yard and my kids' school.  Yesterday they had an "extreme makeover" at their school - brand new playground installed, painting, yard work, benches, sandboxes, rink moved ... it was CRAZY the amount of work that was accomplished.  My kids are SO excited for Monday!

I'm definitely thinking about our provincial testing starting tomorrow.  My students have worked their tails off this year, and they are as ready as they will ever be.  I'm just about to head out to grab a few little testing encouragement treats for them.  I can't wait until testing is over ... I have a few extra special FUN days of learning planned for them this month.

I can't really think of anything I want or need right now.  Life is good.  Well, except maybe another day this weekend.  But who couldn't use that?  ;)

Summer bucket list ... well, I'm SUPER excited to go to Las Vegas to meet all my blogging buddies!!!  I've actually been to Vegas before, so I'm not sure if it should really be on my bucket list, but I was 16 when I went ... so it doesn't really count, right??  I'm also taking my daughter's to their first real concert (One Direction) and we're getting our house renovated - so, it will be a busy summer, but one I'm VERY much looking forward to.  Like I said, life is very good right now.  :)


  1. The school "Extreme Makeover" sounds so great! What an awesome way to make improvements and get everyone involved. How many days do you have left? The weather has been ah-may-zing here in PA, too. Hope you get all your laundry done : )

  2. You are too motivated! I keep looking at my laundry....thinking... I should get it done, but just can't seem to do it. :-) I hope you enjoy Vegas! Kristi

    Teaching Little Miracles

  3. I think Vegas counts because of the conference. I hope you enjoy it.
    Artistry of Education

  4. Sundays would be so different without mountains of laundry! I always tell myself to get it done during the week but it never seems to happen.

    Good luck getting through your testing!

    The Math Maniac

  5. I will be in Vegas! Hope I can meet you. I am so excited that I can barely hold it in!
    A Rocky Top Teacher

  6. 16 does not count as being there because you weren't old enough to gamble. I check their state laws and it says that..okay maybe not, but have fun. And don't forget that it is a dry heat.

    I've got two daughter so I'm just wondering how much the amount of laundry goes up when you add in a third--because I'm not sure I can imagine it. Everything always seems to be dirty even if it wasn't worn.

    Thanks for sharing Jen!
    Digital: Divide & Conquer

  7. Our grade 6's start EQAO tomorrow too. Hopefully it won't be too hot for them on our third floor! Good luck!
    Grade 4 Buzz

  8. Totally jealous of your summer break right now!!

    Learning to be awesome

  9. Laundry is the true never ending task. I look forward to meeting you in Vegas!

    Krazy Town

  10. whhaaaaaa i am not going to vegas... it just didn't work out with hub's schedule and our already scheduled trip to the SIPP... so I hope you have a blast... and now I have to go change my wash to the dryer and go fold some towels... YAY

  11. Oh how I wish I were joining you in Vegas. Maybe next year ;) Laundry day stinks, doesn't it? Hope testing today was a success (although I know it will be with you as their teacher).

  12. I'm so excited about Vegas as well! I have been before but I was 23, there for 3 days and was crushing on a guy back home major and spent my entire time talking to him so I didn't spend time enjoying Vegas.

    Jennifer Smith-Sloane

  13. I think if you were younger than 21 when you last went to Vegas it absolutely counts and can be added to your bucket list again. =)

    Think, Wonder, & Teach