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Writing Prompts with Text Lingo ... So KEWL!

Do U undRstNd wot I'm writing?  I cn garNT yor students do.  OMG - how kewl wud dey tink U R f U rOt a writiN prompt UzN thR language?  wot f U lt dem wrte bak 2 U n txt lingo?  Put a whol nu spin on a pln old writiN assignment.

I took part in a technology webinar tonight (more on that in tomorrow's post), but I just HAD to visit one of the sites I learned about the minute the webinar was over.

Transl8it is a trendy, FREE site that translates English messages into text lingo, or vice versa.  I'm definitely going to use this next year in my writing classes.  I will translate one of my writing prompts into text lingo and display it over the projector for the kids.  I think I will even let them write me back in text lingo at least once ... but it might take this 'old' teacher weeks to figure out what they are writing ... rotfl.  ;)


  1. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing. I am using this next year fo sho ;)


  2. I always did this the week before the 7th grade writing test to remind them who their audience would be, not folks that know how to read text. It makes for a fun way to do chapter summeries too!

  3. What a fun site- your blog and this resource. I let my 8th graders write text message dialog between characters last year. I might use the translater with some hard to understand social studies document before the students translate it themselves into words they can understand.

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  5. I generally did this the week prior to the seventh grade composing test to remind them who their group of onlookers would be, not people that know how to peruse content. It makes for a fun approach to do part summeries as well! Buy Essays Online


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