A Magical Day

23 July 2011
It was my oldest daughter's eighth birthday party today.  My three little girls love a party.  She wanted a magic theme for her party, and because we weren't hiring a magician, I hit up my newest obsession, Pinterest, for some ideas.  I found a great cake that I got inspiration from.  I took me over 4 hours to decorate it, and cost way too much (remind me next year to buy a cake), but she LOVED it and told me it was the best cake ever!!!

I also found an idea for the cutest fruit salad.  I used a star cookie cutter for the fruit (my hand still hurts from pushing it through all that fruit), and topped each skewer with a star-shaped rice krispie treat - magic wand fruit skewers.

For the activities, we made giant bubbles with a hula hoop (trapped inside a bubble), played pass the magic wand, guessed the flavours of magic beans (jelly beans), and learned a couple magic tricks.  It truly was a magical day, and my little eight-year old had a blast ... and you know what - she deserves it!