In Our Class with Zoo Burst

26 July 2011
I came across a new site a few days ago that I wanted to explore a little further - Zoo Burst.  You can use Zoo Burst to create interactive pop-up books.  I thought this would be a great tool to use on the SMARTboard.  I signed up for a free teacher account, and it looks like teachers can create accounts for their students, too.  They do have a premium account (not free), but the standard account lets you create books that are 10 pages long.    Last night I came up with a neat idea about how I would use Zoo Burst.

I've seen some great posters about "In Our Class" floating around the blogs and pinterest.  Oh' Boy Fourth Grade has a fantastic one!!!  I thought I'd take that idea and create a pop-up book to show the students on the first day of school.  Now, this book is still a work in progress, but I wanted to share this site with you.  Click on the exclamation marks above the "characters" to read more on each page.

I think my students will have a lot of fun writing narratives with this site.  I did this one pretty quickly, so with a little extra work and effort, the students should be able to create something excellent.  Finished stories could be embedded on a classroom blog or website to share with parents.  How fun is that!?!


  1. Too cute! I have seen this site before. I like the way you used it. Great idea. Maybe I'll try to make something for those first days.... Thanks for sharing!

    Lifelong Learning

  2. Clever...we do some of Ron Clark's Essential 55-It would be cute to do it this way!
    Thanks for sharing!