Earth Day Fun ... At HOME!

22 April 2011
A day off with the kiddies at home! Being Earth Day and all, the teacher in me wanted to have a theme day. My inspiration came from my sister, who has this absolutely fantastic blog called Meet the Dubiens. She does this great feature called "Fun Food Fridays", so I decided to create my own Fun Food Friday in honour of Earth Day. My girls were soooo excited!

After lunch we decided to make play doh globes. Again, another idea I stole
ummmm ... borrowed from my sister. The girls loved this and were wowed when I showed them the cutaway containing all the Earth's layers. After a quick science lesson (which I'm sure went over their heads), I let them make their own. Aren't they cute? My three year old made the first one (she called it her "Earf", my five year old made the middle one, and my seven year old made the last one (I think the other two had used all the blue and green play doh by then).

We finished off our day making Earth Day cookies. Add a few icing mountains, and you've got some very happy kids! (now to peel them off the walls to bring them up to bed) ;)

Happy Earth Day!


  1. So cute! You sound like a great mom :)

  2. Thanks, Shelley! What a great compliment! :)

  3. Looks great Jen! Thanks for linking to me. I hope the kiddos had fun. Cam is sick with that awful stomach flu. This is day 3 and it's not easing up. Poor little guy. Hope your kids are all feeling well.