The Earth is in our Hands

30 April 2011

We continued our Earth Day activities at school this week, reinforcing to the students that every day is Earth Day. I found this fun, free activity on another seller's site on TeacherspayTeachers, and knew it would be perfect. Click here to download your own copy.

My grade 6/7 class is reading buddies with the junior kindergarten class at my school. I've done reading buddies before with my classes, but I had a very selfish reason for taking it on this year. This year my little girl (my middle daughter) is in the junior kindergarten class. Reading buddies has taken on a whole new meaning for me! I take such joy in creating and finding activities that will both engage my own students, and be fun and educational for our "little buddies". Although my daughter has her own buddy in my class, this week her buddy was away and I got to take on the role. Such FUN!

We've been studying inferring and point of view as our language focus the last few weeks, so my students wrote Earth Day poems from the Earth's point of view. We talked about personification and metaphors, and I was very impressed with how my students were able to include both in their poems. We left the title line blank so our buddies could write the title (is there anything cuter than a 4 year-old's printing???). My students traced and cut out handprints, little and big, and our little buddies glued the handprints around the Earth. We posted them on a large bulletin board in our school's lunch area, and titled our display, The Earth is in our Hands. I think it looks fabulous.

Katie, I had a blast being your "big buddy" this week, and I'm so proud of what we created together!

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