On Top of the World

09 May 2011
"Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." Dr. Carl Sagan

This weekend, I know my little girls discovered some incredible things!

So, this weekend I packed up my family and took them on a weekend trip to a science center just a few hours away. What could be more relaxing for a Mother's Day weekend?? Alright, so maybe there wasn't a lot of relaxing, but there WAS a lot of FUN and LEARNING! The last time we went to the science center, my oldest was 4 and my middle girl was only 18 months. I thought we were due for another trip. I knew my oldest would love it (she is so totally into everything science), but I was surprised how much the younger two got out of it. They all had a blast (and so did their mommy and daddy)!

Allison, my three-year old, took a huge interest in the oil spill display. She carefully and lovingly cleaned all the oil off her "duckie". A future environmentalist in the making!

Katie, my five-year old, was entranced by the butterfly room. She was so quiet and still (so unlike her) as to not disturb the butterflies. She studied them carefully and was surprised by how many varieties there were. (We only see monarchs and moths around here). A future entomologist in the making!

Elizabeth, my seven-year old, is my little scientist already. While other little girls are getting Barbie dolls and Justin Bieber CDs for Christmas, my Elizabeth asks for microscopes, dinosaur dig kits, skeleton puzzles, and chemistry sets. And mommy Santa is only too happy to oblige. Elizabeth thought the x-ray display was "too cool". She was armed with her brand new camera, and after checking out the x-ray machine, she went to work snapping pictures of all the skeletons and their x-rays. A future veterinarian in the making!

They planted trees, touched a snake, built a water system, saw a planetarium, fed baby birds, explored with magnets, counted fish, searched for fossils, lay on a bed of nails, wore moose antlers, repaired a turtle shell, sat in a geode, constructed simple machines, replaced organs inside a body ... and did it all with such wide-eyed excitement and enthusiasm.

At that science center, something incredible WAS discovered. And my three little girls left ... on top of the world!


  1. Looks like they had a blast! Love the pics and LOVE Katie's outfit. Too cute.

  2. Thanks, Jill. They DID have a blast - great weekend! The outfits were all from Pat - she sent them up for Easter gifts for the girls.