Calendar Days ...

04 August 2011
I am sooooo excited!  I grouped two of my newest obsessions together last night - and I'm so very pleased with the results.  Pinterest is one of my newest obsessions (like everyone else in the blogging world).  A while back I pinned these FANTASTIC inspirational posters I found by TeachFactory.  I wasn't sure what I was going to do with them at the time, but I knew I'd have to do something.  This poster is one of my favourites:
You can see all of her posters on Flickr here.  I also follow TeachFactory on facebook - take a peek here.

So last night, I was ordering some MORE FREE products from my very newest obsession, Vistaprint, and I had a GREAT idea.  I downloaded 12 of my favourite posters from TeachFactory's poster collection (it is allowed - I checked), and used them to create a calendar from Vistaprint.  GENIUS!  (If I do say so myself.)  I am absolutely in love with this calendar ... so much so I already know I'll have to get another one next year.

I can't wait to hang this by my desk in my classroom.  At the beginning of each month I can show the new picture over the ELMO, and we can discuss what the message means to each one of us.  I think the inspirational quotes will make GREAT writing prompts, too.  YAY!

I can't wait for this calendar to be shipped to me - I've ordered a whole bunch of absolutely FREE goodies from Vistaprint that I'll share with you when I get them ... 20 days from now.  Let the waiting game begin ...

Happy Thursday!


  1. I want to use VISTA print so bad but can not figure it out???? I feel silly that it seems so simpile but I can't figure it out. Every time I get a new email about FREE products I go on and creat something, go through the whole process and then it is always charging me for the product and shipping???? Any secrets you can suggest how I can get lots of stuff for cheap would be greatly appreciated.

  2. I LOVE Vistaprint! I just got my first order from them today. LOTS of freebies. A few of the items I upgraded a little here and there to make it the way I wanted it. Everything was top-notch quality. I couldn't be happier with it all.

    amosbar11, you will end up spending some amount of money in the end depending on if you make "additional" changes or upload your own design. Also, you will pay shipping. But the overall product is FREE!

    Can't wait to see your finished calendar in 20 days. ;)

  3. This sounds fun. Be sure to post your calendar for us to see.

    William Smith

  4. Use this link, I always get everything free but I do have to pay shipping!

  5. Thanks, guys ... and thanks for helping with the question. I did have to pay shipping, but I didn't add any modifications that weren't free - amosbar11 - just make sure the product at the top still says free when you make it - there are usually a couple of size or design options, and they aren't all free.