A Week of Pinterest-Inspired Crafts: Day 3

24 August 2011

I've been wanting to make these crate stools for 6 weeks - that's when I first pinned this one from What the Teacher Wants.  She has fabulous (and entertaining) how-to instructions for making these crates.

I put off making them for a bit because I didn't think I'd have anywhere to put them in the classroom.  My classroom is very small and I don't even have a guided reading table.  (I do however, have the lunch room just outside my classroom which is full of tables and chairs I take advantage of ALL the time!).  And then I had a brainstorm ... or at least excuse to make them.  My students LOVE my classroom library, but I know they don't LOVE sitting on the floor while looking through the book choices.  I thought I could make the crate stools and keep them in front of the bookshelves.  And I can definitely use the extra storage - I can see them full of recycled newspapers, old magazines, sports equipment ...

I got the crates from Staples, and the fabric and foam from Walmart - I already had everything else, including piles of wood in my basement.  I've had the supplies for over a week ... but it's taken a week of nagging
asking nagging my husband to cut the wood.  (Ironic thing is, I can do all this myself - I'm actually quite proficient with power tools.  What kept me from it is the possibility of bugs hiding behind or under the wood stacked in the corner of the basement ... blecchhh!)

Anyhow, long story short ... they're done and they're FABULOUS!  The colours fit my new theme PERFECTLY ... Yay!


  1. Did you have trouble with the corners? Did you have to round them out with a sander? This is what stopped me dead in my tracks from undertaking this project. Your seats are adorable. What did you use for the cushions?
    The Write Handed Teacher

  2. Kitty,
    I did have to round the corners a bit. I have a palm sander though, so it took no time at all. I used foam pads for the cushions (they are about 1 1/2 inches thick). They were just under $5 at Walmart.

  3. Those are really, really cute. I have thinking of making those, too. We have so many furniture limitations that I'm worried that I won't be able to use them. Nicely done, though!

  4. I also HAD to make those seats, but I teach the older kids (4th and 5th) and I wasn't sure they would fit on them. I made em anyway. We shall see in a few weeks! Christine

  5. I teach the older kids, too (5th and 6th). I figure if they can fit my behind, they'll be good for the kids. ;)

  6. Wow, I love the fabric you chose!

  7. Those came out GREAT!!! I love your fabric!! I (well, my dad) used a power sander to round my corners....!
    Great job!!!

    My First Grade Heart

  8. Those look great! Want to come decorate my room. :0)

  9. My hubby made the storage chairs for me ... My 6th graders love them .. they are close to the floor but I just had my table lowered. We are keeping their journals and folders in them ..among other things. The kids also like them cause they can move them to other places in the room for free reading. (I only let them sit on the specialty chairs for reading! and extra incentive to read)

  10. Ha, nicely said! I'm feeling good than previews class. I think this part is really good for this lesson. Keep it up!