Friday Art Feature - Is It Too Early For Snowmen?

25 November 2011
We had our first big snowfall of the year last week.  You know what that means - snowmen!  Yards all over the city proudly displayed the first snowmen of the year.  And then, the weather warmed up and the poor snowmen just couldn't adapt.  So I decided to make a safe home for the snowmen in our classroom.  I had pinned these fantastic little snowmen from For The Love of Art (such a fantastic art blog for all ages - I've actually pinned quite a few things from there), and couldn't wait to try them!

We started our lesson by discussing value.  Again, my pinspiration was my inspiration.  I had pinned these fantastic elements and principles of art posters from The ABCs of Art.  I displayed this poster over the ELMO, and we discussed the different ways to show value.  We also related it back to some of our other art projects this year that we have showed value in.  I explained that we would be showing value with tinting and shading.

After we finished sketching our rough copies, we started on our good copies.  We used light blue construction paper and oil pastels.  I LOVE how they turned out!!!
I plan to make a few paper snowflakes to add to our bulletin board to really set the mood.

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  1. Wow, your snowmen are beautiful!!!!! I am amazed!!

    Marvelous Multiagers!

  2. The tinting and shading make them look so R.E.A.L!!! Awesome job. Never too early for snowmen . . . I cannot wait to put up my snowmen table next week! It's actually kind of funny, since we're still in shorts here, but one can wish . . . we did have snow twice in the last dozen years!!


  3. Thank-you so much!
    Barbara - give me a few weeks, and I'll GLADLY ship you some snow!!! ;)

  4. I just love your inspiration for art!!
    In our district, they almost cut the art program!! what!?! What's next? Music?!!? save money - they've done art every other week...AND he's "art on a cart" which basically means our kids aren't learning any real art....and in my mind, art and music are WAY up there with reading and math and science! So, I have been doing a LOT of art-sie stuff in my kids are so un-art-ified they have troubles using watercolor paints!! ahhh!!!
    Anyway, all that's to say..thank you for sharing your art ideas!
    The Teachers' Cauldron

  5. Hey, Jen! Sorry to hear you have to teach 'til the 23rd :( BUT I bet you don't go back til the 9th maybe of January??? I hope so (we have to go back on the 3rd ~ heavy sigh). I posted a Santa countdown to the 24th, just in case you're interested. Oops, just saw that you teach grades 5/6 ... okay, probably not interested, ha ha!
    Take care and happy weekend!

    Grade ONEderful

  6. I've nominated you and your blog for The Sunshine Award!  Stop by my blog for more details.
    Simply The Classroom

  7. Jen-

    Those are gorgeous!!! I wish we did art in our school! :)

    We go back to school tomorrow after a long and relaxing week off. I REALLY need to be getting my school stuff ready instead of blog reading! :)

    Have a great week!