PD Day Present

21 November 2011
OK - may I just state right now how very jealous I am of all of you who have time off this week.  Canadian Thanksgiving seems like it was so very long ago ... and December 23rd seems so very far away ... <sigh>.

At least it's almost a four day week this week - today was a PD day, so no kiddies today.  We spent ALL day in PD for assessment - assessment for, as, and of learning.  Did I say ALL day ... <sigh again>.

Anyway, why should I have all the fun - I have a little PD day present for you.  (I must state for the record now, in case anybody from my board should read this, I DID NOT create this during my PD day.  Of course I was a model student student ALL day ;).  I'm simply offering this on the day that just so happens to be a PD day).  There, all done - see, I'm a good girl.

So I know most of you are dreaming of turkey and Thanksgiving sales, but I already have visions of sugarplums dancing in my head when I go to sleep.  LOVE Christmas!  So, I made up a fancy little Christmas product to get my students in the mood, too.  We've been doing a lot of problem solving in class lately, and although we're getting better, we've still got a ways to go.  This activity contains 14 different word problems, displayed on Christmas paper.  I'm going to use the ELMO to display a different one each day of December, and let my students to work in pairs to solve the problems.  The pairs will complete their solution on large chart paper, and then we'll post them.  That way we can discuss the different strategies students used to solve the problems.  Oh, did I mention that this one is FREE?!?  Just click here, or on the picture to download your own copy.  ENJOY!

Happy Monday!  


  1. PERFECT!!! I Love it!!! thanks so much!!!

  2. Thanks for the treat! I love reading your blog! I hope you made it through your PD! I think teachers are the worst students to entertain! LOL Have a good week!



  3. Thanks, Jen!

    I am so excited about these... the kids will have lots of fun solving them. I'm thankful for YOU!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  4. These are great! I love your blog and I'm awarding you the Sunshine award! Come on over to my blog check it out!

  5. Jen-

    First let me say that I have been ENJOYING my day at home today baking, reading, pinning, watching Twilight, ummmmmm.... OK-I just had to rub it in a little since I will get my PD day soon enough! :)

    If I taught math I would definitely take you up on the math word problems! :)

    I can't wait for Christmas either!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. You have been given the Sunshine Award! You can grab it on my blog :)!