Happy 100 Day!

10 February 2012
Well, it was 100 Day for my girls today.  I spent last night cuddled up with my glue gun (only burnt myself 3 times), and surprised my girls with some special 100 Day shirts.  Technically, only the older two needed shirts ... but YOU try telling that to my youngest ... ;)

Happy Friday!!!  And I'm happy to announce I handed in my report cards to my principal today!!!  Sadly, this is an announcement worth making as I'm usually a day or two late.  So ... Happy, Happy Friday!!!


  1. aw- those r so cute!! what a good mommy...and what a fin surprise for them!

  2. Such a nice mom!! Those came out so nicely! I totally get the glue gun thing...I always manage to burn myself :/

  3. very cute ! what a nice surprise for them, exciting !! :) thx for sharing!

  4. so cute! Can't believe you find the time for these projects for your girls with all you have going! Def. an inspiration!

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  5. Oh my gosh, those are so cute! I love them! (And it sounds like your glue gun skills are similar to mine!)

    Congratulations on getting the grades in--my mom was a teacher for 30 years and I remember how much WORK that is!