A Shirt and a Tie for Father's Day

14 June 2012
We made the cutest little Father's Day cards in class yesterday.  Had to get them done yesterday as we had our end of the year field trip today (took 67 kids to the movies, then the park for lunch, then bowling for the afternoon ... WIPED!), and we have a P.D. day tomorrow (some time to work on report cards - YAY!)

I made these cards for the first time last year - and they were a hit, so we did them again.  They turned out SO cute!  The shirt opens up (it tucks in under the collar), so students can write a personal message or poem to their father, step-father, grandfather, etc.
photo of origami Father's Day cards @ Runde's Room

To complete this activity you only need a piece of scrapbook paper ... that's it ... it's that easy.  I showed this video to my class, and we completed it step by step.  After each step shown on the video, I paused the video and showed the step under the ELMO.

Happy Father's Day (on Sunday) to all those FABULOUS fathers out there!


  1. This is the cutest fathers day card ever! I'll be going out to buy paper tomorrow. So cute!

  2. I am SO doing this with my girls tomorrow! Thanks for the great idea and the link to the video!

    Peacocks and penguins

  3. Awesome! Love it! I'm a second grade teacher and thinking of making these with my kids. I am thinking of making it a magnet! It seems that every teacher makes as a card but I love your idea!

    (Anabel, California)

  4. Field trips wipe me out too! Glad you got the PD day to work on some of your own things :)
    The cards are SOOOOOOOOOOOO cute! We never get around to celebrate fathers day as we're already out of school :(

    Hope you're hanging in there... only a few left to go!!!!!


  5. I love this idea. I've already pinned it...before I even saw the actual post. :)

    The Teaching Thief

  6. This is awesome!! Thanks for sharing :) The video is very helpful

    Dirty Hands and Lesson Plans

  7. I've done these for years with my students out of white paper; I never thought to use scrapbook paper. Next year I will do it with scrapbook paper. I've never done the ties before, though. Thanks for helping me upgrade me art!

  8. Love this idea!! I am your newest follower.


  9. Thank you for this fantastic idea! I made ours to look like the recipient's favourite football team jersey.