Lest We Forget

13 November 2012
I wanted to share some of our Remembrance Day activities with you.  We had our school assembly on Friday, but our remembrance activities have continued into this week.  Our school annually participates in the Royal Canadian Legion's Remembrance Contest.  My students have been working very hard on their posters and poems (last year one of my fabulous little writers placed 2nd in Ontario for his poem - what a great moment for him!).  My students have done such an amazing job with their poems this year, I wanted to display them in a way that did the poems justice - and I think I achieved this.  Each year I get a set of "Canada Remembers Times" from Veterans Affairs Canada, and we use these newspapers for various literacy activities throughout the weeks leading up to Remembrance Day.  I've kept all my sets, and now as a result, have a rather LARGE stack in one of my cupboards.  I used an older set to create frames for our poems - and LOVE how they turned out.  For a finishing touch, the students used pastels to add a poppy to the frames.  I posted these on the wall outside our library, where our librarian had set up a small display of books and media for Remembrance Day.  (I'm still waiting for a few more to finish up, but I couldn't wait to put them up!)

I also wanted to share a beautiful display one of my coworkers made for Remembrance Day.  She gave out doves to the students in the school.  On each dove, the students wrote about PEACE (what is sounds like, feels like, smells like, etc.).  The small doves were all cut out and she arranged them all into a large dove shape.  This was the breathtaking display we first saw when we entered the gym for our Remembrance Day assembly.  So beautiful ... so perfect ... so peaceful.

How does your school honour Remembrance Day or Veterans Day?

Happy Tuesday!



  1. beautiful....touching....creative

    kudos to you and your students for a job well done.

  2. At our school for Veteran's Day was put chart paper up and each of the military logos. Staff and students wrote family members that have served in the military or are serving right now. They put their rank, years served, and where they served.

  3. What a beautiful activity my friend! Love the doves!


  4. What an absoloutely beautiful activity, as well as events leading up to the event.

    At our school we took a 'pause' from traditional assemblies, so we paused for 2 minutes of silence, as well as read some informational facts over the annoucements at 10:30 before recess.


  5. You have really honoured the good men and women who gave their lives - and their youth- to fight for our freedom. I love your bulletin boards. Bravo!

  6. Love it all!
    I have a satck of those newspapers too! Thanks for the ideas!