The Potato Chip Champ

14 January 2013
I am SO excited to be today's stop in Maria Dismondy's Virtual Blog Tour.  Let me tell you why ...

Earlier in the summer, one of my dear blogging friends, Kim from Joy in 6th Grade, sent me a copy of Maria's Pink Tiara Cookies for Three and a set of adorable tiara cookie cutters.  She thought my three little princesses would enjoy the book - and boy, did they ever! We spent many a weekend afternoon reading and talking about the lessons in the book and making cookies.  We also visited the library to read Maria's other books:  The Juice Box Bully and Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun.

About a month later, I received an email from Maria asking if I would like to create a reader's guide for her newest book, The Potato Chip Champ.  Oh my goodness - I was so excited - and so were my girls - they thought I was famous! ;)

The Potato Chip Champ is an excellent book for all ages that teaches children about kindness, compassion, and empathy.  We watch as the main character's thoughts and feelings change throughout the book, and cheer as he realizes true friendship by the end of the book.  These are lessons that my own class, and my own children, need reminded about - and what a perfect way to to have that discussion - through the lessons in the book.

When I was writing my reader's guide for Maria, I tried to keep these character education issues in mind.  The reader's guide contains over 40 pages of activities that span the curriculum, character education ... and more.  There are activities for reading, writing, math, science, social studies, cooperative learning, etc.  The guide was created with grades 3 - 5 in mind, but it can easily adapted to fit younger and older grades.  Now, I know you will want to share this experience with your own students, but just in case ... leaving a copy of the book and reader's guide would make a PERFECT sub day activity, too.

You can read more about Maria Dismondy's The Potato Chip Champ and other books on her website by clicking HERE.

You can download the free reader's guide for The Potato Chip Champ by clicking HERE.

Oh - and I saved the best for last ... Maria is offerring one of my readers an autographed copy of her book!!!  Enter below ...

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On a more personal note, today is my baby's 5th birthday!!!  I can't believe how time flies!  Last night, on the eve of her birthday, she wanted to read The Potato Chip Champ as her bedtime story.  What a little sweetheart.

Don't forget to check out The Potato Chip Champ on Amazon, then head over to Maria's website to download your free copy of the Reader's Guide.

Happy Monday!



  1. Just looked at the reader's guide! Amazing! I got an Amazon gift card from one of my students for Christmas. I know how I'm going to use part of it!
    Excellent job and congratulations!
    Fabulous Fifth Grade Fun

  2. What a sweetie! Enjoy every precious second because before you know it she'll be celebratin 15!
    Fluttering Through First Grade

  3. Happy Birthday to her! Thanks for the book tip!

  4. Thank you for such a wonderful post Jen! It looks awesome and I have already had a HUGE response to the guide!!! :) Maria

  5. #1- Don't you just love Kim? What a sweetie!
    #2- What an awesome guide!!! Love it :)
    #3- Look at your cutie pie. Awww. You'd better learn how to stop the clock now. They grow up way too fast!

    Fun in Room 4B

  6. I just looked at the reader's guide and it looks terrific! I really like the idea of leaving this book and the guide for emergency sub plans, the kids would love it!

  7. Jen, thanks for the recommendation. I bought all four of her books from Amazon, and downloaded the guide. I have a sub two days this week, and wish I could have this ready for her! But it will be here for the next time--unless I can't wait and just read the book to my students myself! Thanks again for introducing me to this author and her books.

  8. That sounds like a neat book!!!


  9. First of all, she's such a cutie patootie! :)

    Second of all, you ARE famous!! Go, Jen! You're a rockstar!!