Dear Mother Nature

04 April 2013
Can someone please check the calendar for me?  Mine must be broken.  The date says it's April 4th, but it just can't be right ... this was the view from my classroom door this morning.
This picture doesn't do the SNOWSTORM justice ... but believe me, it wasn't pretty.  :(

So ... taking advantage of the moment, we decided to do something about it ... and practise a little persuasive writing while we were at it.  We wrote persuasive letters to Mother Nature and BEGGED her to bring us some Spring weather.  We've done some persuasive writing already this year, so I just whipped up a quick chart to remind students what they needed to include in their letters (it's quick - not pretty, didn't have the time for pretty this morning).  We orally brainstormed ideas to include for our reasons, then the students completed their rough copies and published copies.  My students are becoming such fantastic little writers - can't believe the growth I'm seeing!!!

I had to make a bulletin board on one of the blank walls outside the classroom - we're completely out of space in the classroom!  I LOVE this border I bought earlier this year, and have been dying to use it somewhere.  So, bulletin board done ... and I tried my very best to bring a little spring and sunshine into our day.  

So, if your weather was better than this today, please feel free to send some of it my way.  :)

Happy Thursday!!!


  1. What a cute idea!! We had 47 degrees here in Atlanta... We broke a record held since 1879 for coldest weather on April 4. Grrrr. But no snow!
    ideas by jivey

    1. Jivey, it is so funny to read this because today as I was looking up our temperature in Indiana during the high school baseball game, my app opened up to Atlanta's info. We were laughing with those around us that knowing it was only 63 in Atlanta made our 51 seem a little bit more acceptable. Fortunately, the only snow that we saw was what is still pushed up against the guardrails from the late March storm.

  2. Way to make the best of a not-so-desirable situation! We are warming up slooowwwwly here in Ohio! Here's hoping for the best!

  3. Sorry....Alberta is about to get that same type of blast...expecting to wake up to another 15 cm of snow tomorrow morning!

  4. Sorry....Alberta is about to get that same type of blast...expecting to wake up to another 15 cm of snow tomorrow morning!

  5. It was only 22 degrees F here this morning but no snow. You got some great writings out of this nasty weather!

    The Math Maniac

  6. AdOrAbLe as always ... looks like Wisconsin in January!! And we were boo-hooing because it was only 50 today down here. We're already yearning for our sunshine back. I've pinned the bulletin board - cute idea!! Talk about turning a spring snowstorm into something sensational! You continue to amaze this northern transplant.


  7. Love it! I saw something the other day on FB that said, " What a wonderful winter we are having this spring! " Ha!

  8. What a great idea!! I love it! It actually felt good in MN today. Almost all the snow is melted where I am. A co-worker said it the best when she said it will truly feel like spring when the last of the brown, muddy snowbanks melt away! :) Your bulletin board is so cute!
    First Grade Funtastic

  9. Hi Sweet Jen:

    I am sending you warm weather wishes from California. Warm and sunny here with a gentle breeze, saying, Paaaasssssppppooooooorrrrtttttt?"

    : )
    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  10. I was convinced the snow would NEVER leave Missouri - finally it's in the 60s!! Way to turn the snow into a learning opportunity -great idea! :)

  11. Well, it felt great in Alabama today-upper 60s. Of course being the cold natured person I am, I was still chilly at some points throughout the day. :) Gosh-I would die in Canada!! Literally freeze!

    Your persuasive writing looks great-the kids did a jam up job!


  12. This is such a great idea... we've lost 9 days due to snow and ice here in North Georgia, and i think it'll be interesting to see what my kids want to ask Mother Nature.