Reviewing Decimals and Rounding

24 April 2013
If you're an upper elementary blog stalker (like me), you must have met my wonderful friend, Kim, from Finding Joy in 6th Grade.  And if for some reason you haven't, you really have to stop by her blog - trust me.    Kim is the most wonderful, most supportive, sweetest bloggy friend around.  In fact, she's not just my "virtual friend" (as my husband calls them), she's a true friend.  And so, when the Magical Product Swap linky came around again this year, I was THRILLED to have the chance to partner with Kim.  (Sidenote - the swap linky actually happened on Saturday, but just to prove how SWEET Kim is, she refused to let me post on Saturday because she wanted me to leave up my fundraiser post all weekend.  I ♥ her).

When I saw Kim's resource for Reading, Writing, and Rounding Decimals, I knew it would be perfect for review in my class.  And perfect it was.  The kids LOVED the hands-on aspect of it - give them a spinner and some number cards, and you'd think it they'd hit the jackpot.

I had my students work in partners for this activity.  Each pair had a mat with 4 different frames, a spinner, and a set of number cards.  One thing I LOVE about this resource, is how it first activates students' previous knowledge.  Before they start rounding numbers, they have to first practice reading and writing decimal numbers.  Another thing I LOVE about it is how easy it is to differentiate for my students (my grade 5 and grade 6 students worked with different spinners, being able to hit the expectations needed for each of their grades).

My students first worked on reading and writing decimal numbers.  They first spun the spinner to find out what place value they had to read to.  They then chose the correct number of cards to make the number, and placed the cards on the frame.  They then wrote the number in numerals and in words on their recording forms.

Once they were ready, we moved on to rounding decimals.  This time they had to spin the spinner to see what place value they had to round to - if they spun hundredths, they had to fill the frame that went to thousdandths on their mat.  They had to record the number, what place value column they had to round to, then the rounded number on their mat.  Another thing I LOVE about this resource - there is a column on the recording sheet for "check".  The partner had to check the column if they thought the answer was correct.  There was a lot of great math talk in my room as students discussed or had to prove why they thought the answer was correct or incorrect.  

My kids loved the hands-on aspect of this activity - it really helped them with the rounding process as they physically removed the last column number card after rounding.  (And I was even able to slip in a teachable moment about theoretical probability versus experimental probability while they were working with the spinners ... happy teacher moment).

This resource even includes two pages of exit slip task cards so students can PROVE their learning at the end of the activity.  See ... so many reasons to LOVE this activity. 

You can further preview this activity by clicking HERE - Kim has it available at her TeachersPayTeachers store.  And after you check it out, stop by her blog - Finding Joy in 6th Grade - and send her a little joy, as sending JOY is one of her favourite things.



  1. oooo...I didn't know about this one from Kim, thanks Jen!!

  2. I have that item from Kim and it is great!!! And, so is Kim :)
    Fun in Room 4B

  3. Thanks for the wonderful (and sweet!) review, dear Jen.
    Your kindness makes my heart happy.
    (And I loved the probability talk about the spinners... good idea!)
    If only we lived closer...

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  4. Jen,
    This questions has nothing to do with this blog, but I am looking for one of your products and can't find it. I am looking for your informational writing packet. I have many of your other writing packets, but I can't find this one anywhere. Is it gone from TPT?
    P.S.--Love your blog and all your products!!

  5. Thanks Jen, I really love reading all your amazing blog posts and seeing how much fun your little ones have! :) So beautiful to see students loving Mathematics.
    I've gone over to Kim and begun following her as well. You ladies are such an inspiration for fun, excitement and creativity! Thank you so much.

    Liz - BaysideMathTeacher