Friday Art Feature

21 October 2011

I'm back with my Friday Art Feature.  I've missed it the past week or two.  We were finishing up our Falling Leaves project, which took a bit longer than I would've liked.  But this week we started fresh on a brand new project.

Here is our completed Falling Leaves bulletin board ..

LOVE it!  But I did realize my students were in need of a few more drawing lessons before we started our next art project (those are some ... interesting ... looking trees).

Inspired by a picture I saw on pinterest from A Faithful Attempt, I was super excited to start this week's art - Glue Line Pumpkins.  But this time we started with learning how to sketch a pumpkin.  We did a few rough sketches first before we moved on with our good copy.  When we were satisfied with our sketches, we went over all our lines with white glue.  After we left the glue to dry overnight, we traced around the glue lines with an extra fine black sharpie (or waterproof marker).

Then, we broke our the water colours.  Believe it or not, this was the first time some of my students had used water colours.  We talked about how to make the pumpkins appear more 3D by making the centre a little lighter than the sides of the pumpkins.  The students got really good at mixing the colours and playing with the colour technique.  About half my class has finished so far, but I couldn't wait to hang them, so I started on the bulletin board right away, even though I still have some space for a couple more.

Here are a few up close examples ... they look even better in person ...

I LOVE my art bulletin board so much, I couldn't bear to take down the old art to put up the new art.  My solution ... add a second art bulletin board!!!  ;)

Happy Friday!!!


  1. i saw these on there too! I'm going to do this my 2nd graders...we're doing pumpkins the first week of november. But I think I'm going to have the pumpkins drawn out for them to trace over with their glue...I don't know...I'm still contemplating it - any suggestions how I should go about this with my 2nd graders??

    1. I taught first graders a similar project and with a few practice attempts..they drew wonderful pumpkins just like these. Let them draw...that way it is their art. My kiddos used pastels to color theirs and they turned out wonderfully!

  2. Those are absolutely BEAUTIFUL, the trees AND the pumpkins. How do you get the leaves to fall down on your blog page? VERY cool!

    Grade ONEderful

  3. I saw these on Pinterest as well, and thought they were great! I am going to share your post on my FB wall in a bit!

    Teaching in the Early Years by Shelley Gray

  4. Jen, I think drawing the pumpkin for them is a treatises -that way they can just trace over the glue lines.
    Barbara, I can't remember where I found them -I just Googled falling leaves on blog gadget.
    Shelley -thanks so much!

  5. I'm in LOVE with those trees!!!!! How creative! LOVE LOVE!

  6. I love those pumpkins and would love to try them with my kids.

  7. Your students' pumpkins turned out great! Did you varnish them after? They look so shiny!

  8. Hi Jen:

    My poor sixth graders are art deprived... but this one I think I can do! Thanks for the suggestion and the motivation!

    Thanks also, SO MUCH, for leaving a comment. You have been my blog angel and I am always tickled to hear from you!

    Happy FALL!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  9. Thanks, Kim - you're too sweet!
    Miss - I laminated them after we finished. I didn't use very thick paper, and some of them took quite a beating during the painting process. Putting them through the laminator flattened them back out.

  10. The pumpkin art is amazing! Beautiful bulletin boards!

  11. I loved the pumpkins so much I tried them, but somehow I screwed them up. I used white construction paper, the kids glued over theirl lines but.... # 1 you could really see their pencil lines under the glue, second the glue dried clear so couldn't see their glue lines to use the. Sharpies. I thought I would make the glue line thicker (maybe that was the problem), so I went over the glue on one picture, let it sit over night....still didn't work. What am I doing wrong????
    Jodi C.
    3rd grade Omaha, NE

  12. Jodi,

    I stressed that the kids draw VERY lightly with their pencils, so the lines wouldn't be as noticeable (some students were still quite heavy with the pencil, but after everything was painted, you could only see the lines if you really looked for them). We also did the glue lines quite heavy, and even though they did dry clear, we could still see them as they were shiny (and the students could feel them, too). Maybe it was because we used regular white paper (computer paper), we could still get a sense of where the glue lines were. Hope this helps ...