Math Journal Sundays

23 October 2011
We're currently studying place value in math, and we've added two more foldables to our math journals.

photo of place value math journal entry @ Runde's Room

This foldable isn't really a foldable ... but it's certainly interactive.  We actually made two of these - one went from ones to hundred thousands, and this one went from thousandths to hundreds.  We made the pockets and glued them to our journal.  Then we made a set of number cards (0-9).  I had the students work in pairs - one student would say a number, and then the other student would build the number with their pocket chart.  I've also used this as a whole group activity where I read out a number, the students build it, then hold their notebooks up for me to see.  This way I can quickly assess who gets it, and who needs a little more practice.

photo of number forms math journal entry @ Runde's Room

We also made some candy corn number forms.  I got this idea from a picture on pinterest and followed it back to Katie Lately.  Such a cute idea.  We made one together, and then I had the students complete the second one on their own.  I LOVE how they turned out.  Quick, easy, and quite effective.

I actually have two other foldables planned for this unit, that I had hoped to get done last week ... but the good news is, I don't have to plan new ones for this week.  ;)

Now, it's back to the Oreo bars I'm making ... yummy!

Happy Sunday!!!
photo of number forms math journal entry @ Runde's Room


  1. Yum - oreo bars made with the ice cream bars? Or do you have some other yummy recipe to share?


  2. It's such an easy recipe, Barbara. They're made just like rice krispie treats, only with oreos. Crush a bag of oreos in the food processor, and add to 4 tbsp of butter and 5 cups of large marshmallows (melted together). Done and delicious!

  3. I am drooling!
    I was drooling when I thought it was oreos with ice cream in the middle.
    Now that there are marshmallows too...
    OH. Yum!

    Mail order catalog? (heeheehee)

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  4. I use math journals in my class as well, but not like you do (usually just for warm ups, etc.). I am really excited about making my math journals more interactive. I like the place value idea, and I think I will do something like that. Before our break, we had just started to look at three-digit numbers. Some of my kiddos get it, but I still have many who struggle with the value of digits within a number.

  5. Thanks so much for sharing! :) I can use these in second grade as well...just a little easier and with no decimals. ;)


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  6. Love this idea.. and this just solidifies why I chose your blog as one of my favorite HOT blogs!

    So I am awarding you the Hot Blog Award! Check out my blog for information on how to pass this award along! Thanks for inspiring me with your wonderful ideas!


  7. How funny!! You were leaving a comment on my site while I was pinning on yours!
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  8. I saw your Interactive math journals on I was a first year teacher this year and I was looking for creative and interactive ways to keep notes. If I purchase the interactive math journal online will all the ideas you have posted to your blog be included in my purchase? If not is there a way I can purchase a copy of your completed interactive notebook so I can use it to help me next year. I like creative and interactive ideas for teaching, but unfortunately I lack the creative mind and therefore rely on the ideas of other teachers to help me.