A Lesson Learned

10 October 2011
I learned a new lesson today.  I fully admit, I should know this one already ... but, sometimes I forget.  THIS is what happens when you leave a pie out where your three year-old can reach it ...

This apple pie was SUPPOSED to be dessert for our Thanksgiving supper tonight.  Apparently, Allison thought it would be much better as a little morning snack.  Grrrrrrrrr ...

Luckily, I had pinned this Caramel Apple Trifle earlier this week, and was planning to make it, too.  And thankfully, it was DELICIOUS!

Happy Monday!  And Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends!


  1. Did you turn that pie into a trifle or did you make a whole new dessert? Either way I'm impressed but if it's the former, I'm TOTALLY in awe!!!

    This year for my husband's birthday, I reached for the can of corn starch and got the can of baking powder instead. SUCH a disappointment when your labor of love gets ruined, eh?

    Happy Thanksgiving to you! Barbara

  2. haha!! My 2 year old would TOTALLY do that! (or dear Mr. Spouse! lol)
    Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  3. It DOES look pretty delectable. I can't say that I blame your daughter! :)

  4. YUM! I agree! I'll join your three-year-old for dessert any time!

    Happy Thanksgiving, Jen!

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  5. OK-Jen-tell me about your Thanksgiving holiday being celebrated this time of the year-obviously I wasn't listening during history class. AND, by the way my 6th graders and I were just discussing Canada today because we are pen pals with an over the road truck driver through the Trucker Buddy program-one of his routes over the last 2 weeks was Canada to Tennessee!!! :)


  6. Shannon - you got me ... I had to google it to find the reason. Apparently it has something to do with our more northern climate, therefore an earlier harvest. I guess our date used to be November, but when it was declared that Remembrance Day be set on Nov. 11th (after WWI), Thanksgiving was officially moved to October. How's that for a quick history lesson!

    Barbara, I thought about using the pie for the trifle, but you never know where my three year-old's hands were before that ... and with company coming over, I didn't want to take that chance. ;)

  7. Jen it looks yummy!!!

    Gave you a shout out on my post :)

    Check it out

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