Monday Art Feature

12 December 2011

I usually do my art features on Friday, but I left my camera at school this weekend (so disappointed), and I didn't want to wait until this Friday, so a Monday Art Feature it is!

We've been discussing lines and designs quite a bit during our art classes.  Every year I have done some sort of art project featuring lines and designs, but when I saw this crazy cool hand art, I knew I had to do it with my class this year.  I've done a lot more art with my class this year than I have in previous years.  I LOVE teaching art, so I've been happy to do so, but this year it is a necessity.  I have a very difficult class this year (many academic and behaviour issues), and although they're coming along, we still have a lot of work to do.  I have found (completely by happy accident), that a bit of art first thing in the morning totally calms these students down, and sets the tone for the rest of the day.  YAY!!!  It also gives students something to work on for the rest of the week, eliminating some of the "I'm done - what do I do now?"  

For this lesson we started our discussing different types of lines and designs.  I drew some of the blackboard, and we looked for different examples in art we have previously completed in our art portfolios.  I also displayed this poster I found here.

We started out by tracing our hands in pencil.  Students then divided their hand into smaller sections (still using the pencil).  They then had to fill their hands in with a variety of lines and designs.  I told students to not have two of the same colours touching, nor two of the same designs.  We used extra fine sharpies to complete this art.  I bought two packages of colour markers (10 packs) and two packages of black (12 packs).  I kept them in glasses at the front of the room, and as students finished with one colour, they returned it to the glass and took a different colour.  This system worked out quite well for us.  When students had completed their hands, they started on the black and white background.  Same instructions, but this time they could only use the black sharpies.

I LOVE how these turned out, and I LOVE how proud my students are of their art.  I had to let them know that their teacher is JUST as proud of them.  :)

Happy Monday!!!  (9 days left until Christmas break ... I think I can, I think I can).


  1. Love, love, love this art project. Your students did an amazing job!!! Where do you find all of these way cool projects? I love to incorporate art in my classroom too. It is like therapy of sort. I too have 9 more days of school...really stinks after seeing that soooo many others have 2 weeks off.

  2. Thanks, Leslie! To be completely honest, I'm finding a lot of ideas on Pinterest, and then I've followed them back to some absolutely amazing art blogs. As I almost always have a split class, and have my students for 2 years, I need a lot of ideas so I don't end up repeating something two years in a row.
    Cheers to 9 days left!!!

  3. I love this!! I will do it when we return from Winter Break. I don't want to rush it. This deserves time and focused attention. Looking forward to making my sample! Thanks so much!

  4. This looks great! I am going to try it with my 6th graders during some of our downtime.

  5. These are incredible!
    We just did lines on/over hands (from Pinterest) and it almost killed us! Guess that's what happens when there are no minutes "left" for art. (So sad.)
    Maybe I will try these in January. I LOVE the way they turned out!!!!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  6. Lovely and very clear. I was just looking for something like that. I am going to try this with my students in January!!!!

  7. These are really fantastic! What a great lesson on line and pattern. Thanks for sharing!

  8. These are incredible! Brought a few tears to my eyes. Really stunning, you have some very Blessed students to have such an amazing teacher!