Ribbon Christmas Tree

14 December 2011
The past few days I've been spending my evening hours a little differently.  I've taken a break from the usual school work (trying really hard to get everything done during school hours), and I've been sewing.  Yes, sewing ... I'm finding it hard to believe, too.  I've been working on Christmas pajamas for my 3 little girls.  I saw the cutest T-shirt on Pinterest a while back (based on those ribbon Christmas trees), and knew I wanted to make it for my girls.  I had a hard time finding plain white shirts for all 3 girls in their sizes, so I opted for a larger size, and decided to turn them into pajamas - I just need to add a pair of leggings and I'll have the cutest matching pajamas for all of them.  

LOOK what I made!!!  How cute is that?  I've finished one and a half shirts so far - one and a half to go ...

And, in case you need a laugh after school today (I know I did), here is a picture of the gingerbread "man" my sweet little four year-old niece made (very lovingly and carefully) for her daddy while at a Christmas party this weekend!  I don't know how my sister kept a straight face!!!

Happy Wednesday!!!


  1. hahaha! that's priceless...and I'm LOVING the shirt!

    ♥ Jen Ross
    The Teachers' Cauldron

  2. What a beautiful piece of art:) I think I need to start with my Pajama Shopping at http://www.pajamamania.com

  3. LOVE the shirt Jen! The girls will look adorable in their matching PJ's. Gotta love pinterest. And yes, my sweet daughter's cookie! It's certainly priceless.

  4. OMG the gingerbread man is hilarious. Love the shirt!
    Grade ONEderful