A Pinteresting Sunday

06 December 2011
I had the pleasure of planning and enjoying a fun family day on Sunday ... well that is, at least until my daughter's supper time soccer game.  Oh well, I'll take what I can get.  I've been pinning so many fantastic holiday ideas, I couldn't wait to try some of them out.

We awoke to find our elf, Eddie, causing some mischief in the fridge.  At first the girls were a little worried they couldn't find him anywhere, but when my oldest went to get the milk for breakfast, she erupted into giggles.  Priceless!  I can't believe there are entire websites devoted to the Elf on the Shelf, but I'm having a blast looking through all the pictures.

For lunch I made my girls a "Silly Food Saturday" with a reindeer theme.  My sister makes these fabulous "Fun Food Fridays" and posts pictures on her blog every week.  My daughters follow these lunches with envy, so every once in a while, I give in and make a "Silly Food Saturday".  They appreciate it so much, it totally makes me feel guilty I don't do it more often.

Then it was on to our craft.  I pinned some similar to this a while ago (in case you haven't noticed, I have a slight snowman obsession).  I thought they looked totally do-able for my grade 5/6 class, but I always try these kinds of crafts out on my own girls first.  If they experience success, I know every member of my class will.  Plus, it gives me the opportunity to trouble shoot any potential problems.  Well, I'm happy to announce these went off without a hitch!  The hardest thing was convincing my girls to be patient while the paint dried, but thankfully, even the paint dried quickly.  I picked up these flower pots from the dollar store (3 for a dollar), and an embellishment kit (I think it was for making cards).  Some of the snowman are sporting some fancy pipecleaner and pompom earmuffs.  The toques were made out of old sweaters my little one has outgrown (I cut a bit off the bottom of each arm).  I have plenty of paint on hand.  We used Q-tips to make the eyes and mouth - something I totally recommend - even my three year-old did a fantastic job!  I LOVE these little guys - and I'm so proud of my little girls - these little snowmen were totally completed without my help (well, except for a little glue-gunning).  My three year-old did the one of the left, mine are the next two, my eight year-old did the fourth one, and my five year-old did the last one.  So much fun!  I can't wait to do this craft with my class on the last day of school.

We finished off our day with some cookies and hot chocolate.  I made these Rolo Cookies that I pinned from the Six Sisters' Stuff blog.  Oh my word - they were AMAZING!!!  (I say "were" because they're all gone now - must make more).  They were incredibly simple to make - the hardest part was keeping my girls from eating all the rolos before I got them into the cookies.

What a fantastic day!  I'm already searching through my pinterest boards for new "pinspiration" for next Sunday!


  1. Jen, I love everything in and about this post!!!!
    What a special day you had with your girls! So fun! Great stuff!

    Happy Holidays!

    ❤ Mor Zrihen ❤
    A Teacher's Treasure

  2. Hehehe sounds familiar! I had a Pinteresting Saturday with crayon art and soup.

    How did we ever manage without Pinterest?

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher

  3. UhOh.
    Rolo cookies and Baileys?!!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  4. Jen-

    Will you be my mom????? :) I've seen those rolo cookies, but haven't tried them yet. I did make the "crack" potatoes (hasbrown potato casserole) Sunday night. Middle child requested them again for tonight! :)

    I can't wait for our Christmas break so I can get to "pinmaking"!


  5. Awesome Jen! Love the silly food. Those cookies look incredible, I must make them!

  6. I'm totally going to plan a pinteresting day! LOVE that idea. So many fun things to choose from...how will I ever pick! I am putting Rolos on the grocery list right now!