Happy Canada Day!

30 June 2011

Tomorrow is my first official day of holidays (FINALLY), and to make it even a little more perfect, it's Canada Day!  We love Canada Day - for us it's a fun-filled family day of crafts, cooking, backyard BBQs, and all topped off with some fireworks - what could be better???

We <HEART> Canada Day!

We made these super cute Canada Flag placemats two years ago.  My kiddies were ages 1, 3 and 5 then, so this was a nice and easy craft.  We simply picked maple leaves from our tree in the front yard, painted them red, glued them onto white paper, and added red stripes down the sides.  I laminated them, and the kiddies used them for their Canada Day suppers.

This year I'm going to something similar.  I'm going to draw the flag image on a piece of white paper, and let the girls cut out all sorts of red images from old magazines.  They can then glue these pictures onto the stripes on the side and the maple leaf in the centre, and voila - a Canada Flag collage.

For dessert I'm going to make a Jello Poke Cake with a Canada Day Theme.  My sister made this last year, and it was a HIT!  We have a great crop of strawberries from our garden this year, so I thought this would be perfect!  I can also get my girls involved by letting them mix the cake, and then poke all sorts of holes in it.  The more holes, the better for this cake.  They can also spread the cool whip on the top.  You can check out her recipe here. She just posted some new Canada Day recipes today - you can check them out here.

I LOVE summer holidays, and I LOVE Canada Day!  Looking forward to tomorrow!  Happy Canada Day!


  1. Happy Canada day and welcome to the summer! I realized today, as all my fellow Ontario teaching friends were going to work for the last day, that this is the FIRST last day I have missed since I started school....27 years ago! Crazy!

  2. Happy Canada Day! The cake looks wonderful.

  3. Happy Canada Day...wish we were together!

  4. I just discovered your amazing blog today. and was looking for math and Canada Day ideas (as I'm teaching a Canada unit right now). I was excited to discover you live in Ontario too! So where in Ontario do you live? I'm a 4/5 teacher from Bright's Grove, ON.