Too Many Eggs!

27 June 2011
I have too many eggs!!!  Five dozen, to be exact.  Why, you might ask?  Well, I work at a rural school, and I get fresh eggs delivered once a week.  I sometimes forget to bring them home ... I'm juggling two kids and at least two school bags every day on the way home, and have no extra hands left for eggs.  Last week I saw a post by A Special Kind of Class, where she had her students participate in an egg drop.  I thought this would be a perfect and fun solution to my egg problem.

I told my students about it last week, and today they came prepared with materials for our egg drop (well, most of them did).  Our custodian was going to throw the eggs off our roof.  Unfortunately, today he was away, so our "Egg Drop" turned into an "Egg Chuck" where the students got to throw their protected eggs at the school wall, or throw them into the air as high as they could.  We invited our junior kindergarten reading buddies to join us.  The students made predictions on whether they thought the egg would break or not.  Even though two thirds of the eggs ended up breaking, we had a GREAT time!  SO.MUCH.FUN.

Throwing the eggs:

Some eggs survived:

And some did not:

What a fun day, and the perfect solution to too many eggs!

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