14 June 2011
Are you looking for a reason to smile??? I know I am - I have the craziest week! Kids' soccer games last night and tomorrow night, dance dress rehearsal tomorrow (have to get off school early), dance recital Saturday, Father's Day party Sunday, report cards are due on Monday, and need to have the gr. 8 graduation slideshow finished for Tuesday (graduation night)! YIKES! Good thing my body thrives on stress ... and coffee!

Anyhow, when I saw these cute little smiles on my sister's blog, I knew I had to share them with you. She made them for her kids' first visit to the dentist (she does the cutest fun food), and I thought I would make them for my kids' upcoming visits. But I also thought they would make a fun summer snack to celebrate a happy day or special day. They could also be made for school on a day where the dentist visits, or during a tooth unit. The kids could help make them and complete a procedure writing activity. So cute!!! If you haven't seen my sister's blog already, you really need to go on over and Meet the Dubiens.

Did you read my last post where I shared about the new word I learned? Well, I actually learned TWO new words that day (feeling smarter by the second). Have you noticed my new FAVICON? (That's the new word, by the way). A favicon is the little symbol in the left corner of the page tabs for your websites. It also shows up beside the website names in your favourites or bookmarks. I love it!!! I saw the idea on Ladybug's Teacher Files - she has so many wonderful ideas. If you want to make your own (it's very easy, trust me), check out her post here.

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  1. Those snacks are cute and made me smile and are very appropiate for me today as I went to the dentist shortly after seeing the picture lol. I'm going to have to look into making a favicon. Thanks for posting!